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Yesterday, 08:52 PM

I like the idea of it but I decided not too. It looks the part now with the car and suits it quite well :).
Nope bumper stayed on. It's very easy to do. That easy it took 30 minutes.

In Topic: Tdci Intercooler Question

Yesterday, 03:58 PM

I was going to do this but then I thought what's the point. I've spent all that time cleaning and making it look nice and shiny. I know there are definitely gains from stationary but I couldn't be bothered really. If there were to be massive gains in general then manufacturing companies would only make them in black.

And yeah it took 30mins straight forward swap just the way it should be.

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27 July 2014 - 10:10 PM

Right reviw time I think. So I've just come home had a good flooring with it and I must say it wants to pull harder. Boost come in less aggressively than it used to. Especially in first gear. It seems more progressive. Mpg wise. About the same if not slightly better. on the instant doing 70mph I get 85mpg which is about normal on flat and normally get between 70-80 on a particular road.

So I'd say it's a good buy. But it still early days with it so I'll keep a report going for a while to see if anything improves. I'll post a pic of my average mpg and then give it a month and post it again to see the difference. This will be done over roughly the same journey as I use the car for mainly work involving motorways.

So the install. I'm sorry that pics are not great. I wanted to get the job done. So in thirty minutes I had it all done and this is how it went.

This is how it looked before it was removed.

Attached File  IMAG1174.jpg   98.06KB   4 downloads

1. Jack the car up and use an axle stand to hold the car up. I did this on the off hand side of the car but you can do it on both side. I was on the side of the road so not as much room as I wanted but hey.

2. Remove the lower grille to access jubliee clips and wind deflectors.

Attached File  IMAG1177.jpg   100.62KB   4 downloads

3. Now your car is up in the air you need to remove the fwd floor cover which is held with 4-5 torqx which are 25 size. No picture for this. Then remove the aft cover which has a few more bolts not sure how many but it's obvious when your under there.

4. Once they are off it will look like this.

Attached File  IMAG1191.jpg   66.06KB   4 downloads

And you can see this.

Attached File  IMAG1179.jpg   59.03KB   4 downloads

5. Next is to remove 2x 8mm bolts which are situated on the bottom of the cooler.

6. Once they are off next will be to undo the jubliee clips 2x

Attached File  IMAG1181.jpg   58.12KB   4 downloads

Attached File  IMAG1180.jpg   74.42KB   4 downloads

7. The cooler is hung to two hangars and all it needs is lifting up two inches to clear them and out it comes looking like this.

Attached File  IMAG1182.jpg   302.52KB   4 downloads

8. Then with the new one on hand do everything in reverse and all done :) so that is not very informative but I've got more pics to show off. Here's a comparison of the two together.

Attached File  IMAG1184.jpg   245.63KB   4 downloads

Attached File  IMAG1185.jpg   203.9KB   4 downloads

I'd say it's abit bigger even though it's two rows shorter.

Here it is installed to the car.

Attached File  IMAG1190.jpg   132.93KB   4 downloads

And with grille installed. I will get pics of it further away tomorrow I forgot to get some.

Attached File  IMAG1193.jpg   124.41KB   4 downloads

So there you have it.

If your thinking about tuning the car then is recommend that you remove/replace the the restrictions and swap them for more suited bits. Remap the car, sort the exhaust out whether you ha e Dpf or not, blank egr and sort induction out including this and you'll have a great car that will pull like a pulling thing and show up a few people.

I recommend this 100%. I would have go e bigger but I didn't want to because of it will foul up against other bits and I isn't want to go through the haatle of removing loads of bits to do it. Also I didn't want to block the radiator from airflow as bigger ones tend to do.

I hope this helps you to have a rethink about this. More pics to come over the coming week. Comments are welcome as always and any questions about this I haven't mentioned then please ask away.

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27 July 2014 - 09:19 PM

Yeah could give them a go why not. It's exactly the same fitment. Mine is smaller than the original but it's twice as thick. Is definitely give it ago. Just make sure you bend all the find back like I had to do. Longest job in the world but worth it. Give it a good wash inside and out to clear any crap and away you go.

So bryan you've got yours mapped? Yours is a mk2 though right? I only ask because mine's a 2.5 and mapping it will enough ecu removal. How does your car feel when driving? I'd love to know from how it drive to the way it responds and accelerates. Is yours a 110 also? I think you could get more than that. Dpf should release a lot more being as it's the most restrictive part that I know of. The car will only perform as well as the most restrictive part. Have you changed your exhaust? I'm doing that cat back including Dpf gut.

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27 July 2014 - 06:46 PM

I've forgot to say I've done everything I can ie k&n57s, egr and now cooler. just need remap, exhaust sorting out and Dpf smashed out. So I reckon I'll get about 150? It's pushing it but I'm after economy but with maximum performance to go with it so maybe 140ish?