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ka "ticking" noise

28 November 2008 - 12:33 AM

Hello, Just bought a KA Collection(Y reg,2001) at first I was like.... KA :blink: cant ever see myself in one of them but am very suprised at how they run and how nippy they are, going to be driving about 100miles a day on motorways so need to get it sorted, now when sat idle, and in gear (revving and acelerating) it makes a ticking noise, the higher the revs, the faster the ticking.

The ticking doesnt get any louder, though is very noticeable especially when sat at junctions n traffic lights getting a few unwanted stairs, ticking car + london streets :ph34r:

now the garage I got it from have done a service and MOT just need 1 new rear tyre, thats the only problems, asked for them to check the cam belt(done over 60k miles so was due one) though they told me it was a chain(dont know a great deal about cars) reading up on the net, the timing chain could be hitting the guards so will have a mate look at that for me tommorow.

My main concern is the timing chain(which im assuming it is) whats the damage? The garage is a good 50miles away and if its fixable for under 40-50 I dont see the point in wasting my time to drive there using petrol / time..

Thanks for your advice to whoever tries to help me out!