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Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

02 January 2013 - 06:29 PM

Hi all, long shot but does anyone have a broken headlight unit for a mk2.5? I'm after the plastic backing for the bulbs. I bought a 2008 Focus TDCi and noticed a bug trapped in the headlight (deceased!) but thought no more of it.

Until the dipped bulb went (a year later) and asked my Ford dealer how much to replace it, after I was told 46!!! I decided to do it myself. Watched a great YouTube video and all went well, except the plastic stopper for the dipped beam (behind the bulb) is missing and probably why the bug was there!!

Searching online it seems you can't buy them and the breakers I've tried either don't have them or will only sell the entire light assembly. So if you have them spare and want to sell them or have any ideas for me to try, please help!!!

Thanks for reading,