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Yesterday, 10:56 PM

you can buy a lead for around a tenner from ebay then done load vag-com.but as its the free version will only do the basics.


not a green gal ghia is it? LF03 ---

In Topic: Starting

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

the reason i ask,if you had the pats chip has a tendency to drop out and peeps dont realize it has then have problems starting.

so weve ruled that out then.

In Topic: Mobius Dashcam - Pedestrian Sigh.....

Yesterday, 09:00 PM

dunno about a TF,but i bought my card from amazon.

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Yesterday, 08:57 PM

so have you dropped the key,sounds like an imobilizer problem.


you have a pm.

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Yesterday, 08:55 PM

take a look on the ford 'etis' site to see if your car has anything outstanding?.