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In Topic: Your Crashes

Yesterday, 10:17 PM

oh go on then,


my lovely renault 18 turbo(yes used to be a reanult nut)

sat at the last roundabout at godstone just before you join the m25,and a guy in a van decided to try and park himself on my rear seats.you ever wanna see a bulldog chewing a wasp,my missus was out the car before id even taken my belt off,he gets out to give her some abuse then watches me calmly get out the car( i was 6' 2" back in 1990,and 15 stone)he bricked it and bolt his doors and refused to get out.he did in the end his missus thought i was goner kill him,until i said its my missus you want to be wary of.oh the car was a write off.

and 1.5k of damage to my teeth through whiplash.

In Topic: Automatic Handbreak Feels Like It's Stuck On

Yesterday, 10:10 PM

i was going to say did you have your seat belt on,coz we made this mistake with the other halfs brand new vw tiguan.no seat belt NO GO.


but reading your reply made me smile,best of luck m8,luckily for me ive never made mistakes :lol: :lol:

In Topic: Close To Disaster? Confessions!

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

mmmm where to start,oh ok here goes.

top up with oil in my old mk1 renault laguna left the cap off,other half went shopping and parked in the towns main multi,as she parked up LOADSA smoke etc lifted bonnet and the contents were splattered on the underside of the bonnet,rac'd back home. :oops: :whistling:

washing my beloved renault 25 monaco with a green sponge,YES YOU KNOW THE ONES. :iim: :censored:


having a blow out in a firms transit van,(anyone know brighton clock tower up to the train station??)anyways parked up on a side road facing up hill,PLEASE BEAR IN MIND i had never EVER had to deal with 1 of these before.so after finding everything i lent the spare wheel up against the van,got back in to read on how to change a wheel.then some chap tapped on the window and said DO I OWN A WHEEL COZ ITS OFF  DOWN THE HILL M8. :cry: :cry: :cry: :iim: so theres me trying to do a linford after it down the middle of the road in brighton,it hit a curb and took off like a missle and smacked itself into a front door,HOW on earth it missed all the shop windows and other cars etc  i really have never figured that 1 out but extremely greatful.picked up said wheel extremely :oops: :oops: surrounded by everyone and there son,then set about changing the wheel.


or the piste del resistance,the tory conference the 1st 1 after the brighton bombing.in a higherd twinn wheel transit that the day before paid a visit to london to pick up about 25 drums of spirit based woodworm fluid each had 25ltrs in it(EXTREMELY FLAMMIBLE).

next morning driving to my depo in shoreham it decided to run out of deisel right out side the grand hotel.

within seconds i was surrounded by 'ole bill' ARMED.iirc i think i messed my pants by this time.was asked WTF are you doing and when i replyed to a flat capped officer the painful expression on the guys face must of echoed mine.i was escorted to the nearest pay phone(no mobiles back then)phoned the office to be met by histerics.escorted back to the van,TOLD not to even pick my nose,and if i leave the van they would blow the doors off,oh i had the bomb squad behind me in there blue transit.so i opened the rear doors to show them,of course they were really happy having THAT sitting outside THE GRAND NOT.


might have a few more in the memory banks but ill leave that for now,im off for a CRY NOW. :cry:

In Topic: Car Conundrums!

Yesterday, 09:37 PM

rev counter.

In Topic: Mk7 Radio Locked After Resetting The Battery?

24 July 2014 - 07:24 PM

just quote sale of goods act,and watch them squirm.