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Yesterday, 10:41 PM

It was a Tech school with Labs and Metal/Wood working shops. ;)

proper school then, ;)

when my eldest was choosing a school we went and had a walk round my old senior school.by god what a change.where there were 2 metal and woodwork rooms there was 1 tiny room that covered everything.so me being me(as a carpenter)said to the teacher where are all the tools?he said this is it :o bejesus ive got more sitting in my garage then they had in this room.

mind you also went to another school who had a rather splendid state of the art gym multi million pound complex,so i asked what they were good at?????after approximatly about 5mins of thinking the teachers came back with 'well where quite good at basket ball'. :o :ermm:

as i work in a private school who would just die for this complex but are always in the local paper for there sports results i also said 'what a waste it was to have it when the teachers are no blooming good' well that went down like a lead ballon. :oops:

In Topic: Kids Back To School Summer Is Over

Yesterday, 10:30 PM

ermmmm,the computers we had were commodore with the monitor built in.bascic computer programming goto gosub etc the characters were hidden within the keys and you had to constantly  press the shift key etc.

we also had a couple of acorns they were for the advanced kids.

and we also had 1 bbc b (irrc) and only 1 kid was allowed on that 1 coz he had 1 at home,very bright boy,infact he knew more about it then the computer teacher.


lenny thats a classic m8,im blue very funny. :lol: :lol:


1 of my m8s had a zx81 and we used to skive off to play a so called dinosaur maze game,endless hours of watching block walls turning left and right,oh the fun eh.


fast foreward to now and my middle kid is a budding 'bill gates' has already written an app or his school,is already doing coding that is more then capable in getting him on a course at uni and he is 15,GIT. :rolleyes: :D

i must be getting acient coz i aint got a scooby what hes talking about half the time. :huh:

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Yesterday, 10:23 PM

Can't remember that far back ;)

I think we used slates and chalk or quills and parchment :D

posh git,private schooling then. :lol: :lol:

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Yesterday, 09:30 PM

comming from a school who sent out a letter to parents politly reminding them that black/dark charcoal was not the norm and that dark blue/navy was the proper uniform,my beloved mummy only went and bought me a blue uniform.


lo and behold 'I WAS THE ONLY P.RAT DRESSED IN A BLUE UNIFORM' out of about 500 pupils,and could not get away with nuffing at all.


AND THAT INCLUDES FORGETTING THE FOOKING JUMPER. :( :( :( :censored: :censored: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Yesterday, 09:25 PM

!Removed! stirrer 8)

oi ill have you know.......i resemble that remark. :P :lol: