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30 January 2014 - 01:06 AM

Hello all haven't been on for a while ,been very so busy with work and other projects I hardly have time to think
made a couple more upgrades to my motor since I was last on . here are a couple of pics of the new outer look of the car once I rebuilt the motor etc. I haven't had many problems to be honest ,it's running a ported and polished 225 st head and turbo charger. the eom dump valve has been removed with a puma speed kit and replaced with an lam motor sport one ,full silicone blue hose kit and alloy pipeing kit . bigger inter cooler . my new stainless turbo back exhaust has now come and will be fabricated to fit soon as I get a minuet also got myself a set of bigger injectors on order should be here soon then it can have the map played with . all the audio has been replaced with digital componants system 2 amps have been built into the car (they can't be seen stelth ) for better sound as the eom speakers had seen better days and sounded like crap and fitted a DVD set up to keep the kids busy I have had the car about 2 years now and love it to bits just a couple more bits to do befor I give it to the miss so I can run my other toy I have been building