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Mk6 Escort Pats Transceiver Module Replacement - Do I Need To Get Keys Coded?

10 June 2013 - 06:44 PM

Got a car that won't start because of what's according to the
auto-electrics guy I had out a faulty pats transceiver, his diagnostics
gizmo reported something like 'No response from PATS transceiver' ...
can't get much plainer than that

The car is a 1998 Escort Estate 1.8 16v Gti

I understand it's not quite as simple as just getting a replacement
transceiver but I might need to get it 'coded' into my car/keys?

There's a same part number transceiver with key on my ebay watch list
(no-one else bidding on it -fingers crossed!), I'm wondering if there's
any way I can avoid taking it to ford's and getting it 're-coded' as
I've seen some info on the web saying I'd need to do

Anyone know if there's a way around it like maybe swapping the chips in the keys over? (Or any other bright ideas)

Also, shouldn't any auto-locksmith be able to do any key coding that's required?

Could I even do it myself?