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#248639 Problem With No. 2 Cylinder On 2010 Fiesta Zetec

Posted by ScubaSuzie on 02 April 2013 - 02:39 PM

Thanks Stef123 and Lenny.


Lenny - I can't find the thread for your answer to my question I posted when I first joined this group, about my rear seat folding down. I tried pulling up the seat bench but its stuck fast - I phoned my local Main Dealer and they had a go with one in the showroom and it appears the design has been changed so that the seat back folds down on top of the bench which is a nuisance as it doesn't go completely flat (unless you put something REALLY heavy in the back).


I do believe, though, this is the only thing I don't like about my car! Having had a Peugeot 206 previously and the seat folded down flat, I do miss it - more so later this year when I travel up to Yorkshire with a load of luggage. Am even considering contacting a coachbuilder (or someone who would do this kind of work) to see how much it would cost to change the format of the seat so it will do what I want it to!



#248582 Problem With No. 2 Cylinder On 2010 Fiesta Zetec

Posted by ScubaSuzie on 02 April 2013 - 10:40 AM

Hi Guys,


I have a 2010 Fiesta Zetec which I've owned for about 18 months and recently had to call out the AA under the Ford Assist plan as my engine light appeared during the wet weather we had a couple of weeks ago. A good spraying of WD40 was the answer, which indeed did solve the problem, but decided to get it checked out at my local Main Dealer under the warranty plan.


I've just had a call from the garage and apparently it just needed a new spark plug as the ceramic had cracked on No. 2.


They told me that the spark plugs are due to be changed at the next service (third year) which apparently is normal, but as one is cracked, they will change all four of them at a cost of over £69 as spark plugs aren't covered under the warranty plan.


Does this sound right to you guys? I don't know a lot about engines, but I always thought spark plugs should be changed at every service and just assumed they were changed at my last service in October.


Looking forward to your comments.