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In Topic: Where To Buy Trim Parts For Ford Fiesta Finesse 3Dr?

27 March 2012 - 04:43 PM


I hope this is the correct subsection of the forum to make my post under.

I would like to buy a replacement gear knob and left hand door moulding for Ford Fiesta Finesse 3dr hatchback. I have looked through a number of websites, such as http://www.fordpartsuk.com/, http://www.247spares.co.uk/ford and http://www.fordpartsgateway.co.uk/ for these two parts, however the prices I was quoted were around 20.00 for the door moulding and 40.00 for the gear knob.

I find this abit expensive and therefore was wondering if somebody could suggest a cheaper place to get the parts from or has these parts lying around the house and therefore would be interested in selling them to me.

I have attached some pictures to help identify exactly which parts I am after.



Many thanks


20 is a good price.

In Topic: Painting Drums And Calipers ?

27 March 2012 - 04:40 PM

anyone know where i can get good black/silver paint ?

Halfords. They do their own brand tin of caliper paint and a rattle can for the drums. They do a very high temp can for 7.49. The tin should be around the same price.
They also do a good paint prep wipe pack. Good for cleanimg down the area before you paint.
I've done all mine and they look great :-)

In Topic: Dmb Overlays

09 March 2012 - 06:27 PM

Hey every1 my fiesta is panther black and im looking at some dmb gel overlays I was thinking red and chrome, just wondering wat everybody else likes and your opinions :D

I have black background and white written. Done back, front and steering wheel. Just wheels to go when I have spare monies.

In Topic: Mk7 Bulbs??

27 February 2012 - 06:15 PM

Hi, I was looking to get better bulbs for my Mk7 Fiesta Titanium, has anybody got any ideas??


Try using the search function. There must be a new thread on this every other day

In Topic: Cleaning Zetec-S Pedals

20 February 2012 - 11:30 PM

Fluoride soapy water?

I use a small paint brush for vents and tricky places.
Good for getting the !Removed! ash out.

Normally the same bucket I wash the car from. So what ever car washing liquid I have in.

Reminds me of James May and the paint brushes for cleaning a car lol.