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Lights And Usb Problem?

22 January 2012 - 08:47 PM

Evening all

After a bit of advice. Tried searching for a similar thread, but unsuccessful - If anyone knows of any related threads, please let me know.

Right, I have a 59 plate Zetec S with the USB / Bluetooth option.

A bit of background. I fitted HID4U 6000k dipped lights a few months ago.
I replaced the AUX 3.5mm Jack in the car, the previous was broken internally. The replacement was £6 from the dealer and fitted correctly, works fine.
I decided to get a universal "Y" shaped cable to connect the cars USB & AUX Jack to the iPhone 4, but then decided to use my old iPod Nano, plug the "Y" shaped cable in, tuck the wiring under the centre console and hide the iPod under the glove box, next to the Bluetooth module I believe.
All works fine
Now I have noticed that when I turn on the ignition, plug in the USB & Jack, then turn my dipped lights on, it disconnects the iPod. If I turn the dipped off, the iPod reconnects. Doesn't work on sidelights, only dipped. The only way to get dipped and USB working simultaneously is to replug the USB whilst the dipped lights are on.
Also, a few weeks ago, after replacing the AUX Jack, I left the iPod connected via the USB & AUX Jack overnight, came to start the following morning and the car wouldn't start. I managed to get the car started by turning the key and pumping the gas, since then I haven't left the iPod connected when the car is not in use. The iPod normally turns itself off after a time out period. I used to leave it connected permanently in my previous car.

Any ideas if all of this is a connected problem or is my HIDs causing problems? I have had no problems with the HIDs, work fine since fitted. No errors. I was thinking along the lines of a earthing issue?

I'm currently downloading the firmware update from Ford Mobile Connectivity website, which may or may not cure it? Worth getting the latest software update either way.

Many thanks

My Fiesta

06 January 2012 - 06:12 PM

Good evening

Bought my Fiesta in back in October last year after 4 hard and depressing years of owning a Fiat Grande Punto.

I have been browsing here for a little while now, but not actually posted. So thought I would say hello.

Its a 59" plate Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 petrol in Panther Black. Got the usual spec with the Street pack, Bluetooth etc.
I have done a few subtle changes over the last month or so. Replaced the old Ford badges with new black and white overlay badges back, front and steering wheel. "S" Kick plates, LED sidelights and rear number plate lights, 6000K HID dipped conversion.
I like the subtle changes. Just need to think of some more.

A few pictures of the car, more in the album.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks :)