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01 December 2008 - 03:16 PM

Just joined so please be kind to me 1996 1250 zetec fiesta daughter went into a shop came out and the car would no fire up. Car would crank over ok, towed the car home the next day after trying to start again no joy on the way the rope snapped and the lad I was towing stuck it in gear and let the clutch up and it fired up staight away and drove home ok. When at home check the battery connections ok car would start of the key no problem now. Next morning would not fire again stuck a jump on it and stiill not starting so that is where I am just now.

Cheers George

I have a similar problem with 1997 1.3LS, due to the fuel pump operating intermittently at start up. How to tell? With radio off and in as quiet a spot as possible, turn on the ignition, BUT NOT TO TURN OVER THE ENGINE. You should hear the faint click of a relay operating, followed immediately by the 'buzz' of the fuel pump for about 1 second. With my fiesta, if that happens, it starts first time. If the relay clicks but is not followed by the buzz of the fuel pump, then it will not start however long I try for. Go back to it a few hours later and it starts! What I have noticed is the problem is more frequent when it's cold.

Cheers John