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In Topic: Adrian Flux Price Joke

24 July 2015 - 01:58 PM



I did a few comparison quotes and AF came out top each time and I remembered that they offered a 15% discount so duly rang them up. Spoke to  Melissa's who passed me onto Toby who then went through all the questions and an hour into the call came back with a quote that was 15% HIGHER than the online quotes!!!


I queried this with Toby and all he could say was:


the online system does not ask the same questions - bullpoo as it did

I have carried out 20 odd quotes and it takes the highest mileage I've input - bullpoo, I had decreased from 8500miles to 6000miles

I said there could be a remap to increase the mpg but figures would go from 115bhp to 120bhp - he said he'll put in upto 20% taking it to 135bhp as that didn't matter - bullpoo - it must have made a difference


so, after wasting my breath and feeling that AF are misquoting me and mis-selling the policy I decided to stick with my current insurer who said they are willing to take on any bhp increase, all my mods and lowering my suspension unto 50mm and even brought the price down from £328 to £264!!!


Dan@AdrianFlux - shame fella, I really thought you guys could have done me a good deal but I wasted over an hour talking to 3 reps.



Hi Sal_Sheikh,


First of all thanks for the post, feedback is always good and is taken on board.


I have spoken to Toby regarding this particular quotation and whilst I can't go into too much detail on a public forum, I can confirm the following in response to the points you raised:


Whilst the online question set does ask almost all questions, things such as the original and new BHP cannot be entered online and the rate needs to be manually calculated in circumstances where BHP is increased, hence asking you to call in.


When you quote be it online or over the phone, each quotation is stored so if you quote as an example 25,000 miles a year but try and purchase the policy on 3000 miles - there would certainly be a query from the insurer as to why you quoted so high and now need so few.


Regarding the BHP increase, as we are a modified car specialist, our schemes are very flexible with modifications so the difference in BHP from 120 to 135BHP may still be in the same pricing bracket. 


I can only apologise for the way you feel however we certainly aren't misquoting or mis-selling, it is a case of us confirming we have every detail correct prior to you making a purchase (Which is why we ask you to call in rather than buying online)


If you have any further queries then please do send me a PM and I can arrange for us to give you a call to explain if needs be, however it's just a case that once confirming the details over the phone and making the corrections, unfortunately this has resulted in a price increase.

This is obviously not something we like to happen as ultimately we would love to help every client and keep everyone happy, but as we are a broker who works on behalf of over 40 underwriters, this doesn't happen every time.


Kind regards,


In Topic: Where Can I Get Good Insurance For Me And My Daughter 21 Mk1 Fiesta

20 July 2015 - 08:55 PM


Did you try us for insurance at all? If you did how did we do?



In Topic: Fiesta St3 (180ps) Insurance Help

20 July 2015 - 11:16 AM

Well i'm down to £538 now. Ford, Tesco and Direct line wanted over £1000!  Bit frustrating but its seems the address is the issue not the car. Although is a new build estate the area next door is not so nice even though they are not directly connected. 


Did you manage to give us a go?


If you could PM me your car reg, I'll take a look at the quote





In Topic: Modified Classic Insurance

08 July 2015 - 10:24 AM

Hi, does anyone have a classic street rod, and could you please give me details for the best place to get insurance ?





Feel free to give us a try for insurance if you like.

If you wanted to PM me your details I would be happy to arrange for our quotes team to get in touch.

Kind regards


In Topic: Trc Front And Sideskirt Splitters - Insurance

29 June 2015 - 08:26 PM


If you find you have any issues with insurance at all for this changes then please feel free to drop me a line.