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In Topic: Headlight Bulb Recommendation

Today, 08:33 PM

Osram nightbreaker unlimited or cool blue intense last pretty well for high output bulbs.

In Topic: Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Today, 08:32 PM

A Vectra in it's natural environment-


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In Topic: A Picture Of My Knob

Today, 08:17 PM

hi guys this is a picture of the knob on my work car


just wanted to know the part number as i prefer this knob to mine. so I'd like a knob swap...

Can't seem to find this knob on ebay or ford parts



Just to keep it clean and actually answer the original question-

Is your current gearknob the same style but with the silver insert?

You can get the different inserts here-






If you don't have that style of knob at present I have a spare one with a bit of wear on the chrome band around the insert that you can have for posting price (say a fiver?) and you can get one of the inserts I've listed to replace the worn part.

If you're interested then contact me via P/M to make arrangements.


I'd advise you use a vice and a rubber mallet in order to reattach the fitting collar that holds the gaiter to the knob as it is a tough job to refit properly.


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(wear patch highlighted)


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If you really want to go flash there are real carbon fibre inserts that glue in instead of the original inserts and you can customise them as you see fit-



In Topic: Parking Brake Handbook Instructions

Today, 04:55 PM

I always press the button in and then pull the handbrake up one click to ensure it's engaged properly.

In Topic: What Audio Cable To Use?

Today, 04:51 PM

Let us know how you get on Fella