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In Topic: Ford Galaxy Childminder Mirror

Today, 03:42 PM

That one I have linked to does come with the mirror.


Numbers straight from Ford themselves (prices in Euros).-


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In Topic: Now The Hot Weather Is Finally Here

Today, 03:20 PM

The variable weather at the moment lulls dog owners into making incorrect choices.

Today started very wet here and has now gone hot and muggy again.

The weather changes so fast that a decision in the morning that may seem reasonable is 100% wrong by the afternoon.

Leave the poor beggars home where they can stretch out in a cool room.

I purposely left my spare bedroom with a tiled floor so the dogs have a nice cool surface to lie on if they get too warm and on hot days they have a cooling fan and access to a nice shaded garden with a couple of big trees in to stretch out under.

When I lived in America I even had a moulded plastic paddling paddling pool half buried in the ground so my dogs there could lay in the shade and would often find them blisfully soaking in the pool with their chins on the side looking very happy.

In Topic: Kev's 2015 Ford Focus Zetec S

Today, 12:17 PM

Nice colour and a great car.

In Topic: Car Accident Who Is At Fault?

Today, 12:15 PM

I reckon 50/50.
Other driver definitely without due care and failing to indicate but Fas should have read the situation and allowed the driver space to sort themself out.

I was always advised to treat all other road users as idiots and expect stupid things.
It's all about hazard perception.

In Topic: Ford Audio Bluetooth

Today, 09:25 AM

Does your bluetooth module support A2DP?
If it doesn't then it won't stream music.