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In Topic: Can't Seem To Accelerate Past 90Mph

Today, 09:05 AM

Could be an error on the throttle body itself.
I'd get a diagnostic check done first of all.
Not even going to ask why you were touching 90 anyway.

In Topic: Terraclean Seems To Be Spreading

Today, 07:01 AM

Another satisfied customer. :)

In Topic: I Wish I'd Went For Diesel

Today, 07:00 AM

Have you tried a Corsa? ;) :D

In Topic: Floor Mats Mk7

Yesterday, 01:22 PM

AFAIK they use the same mat clips.

In Topic: Short Lived Intermittent Stutter / Misfire / Loss Of Power

Yesterday, 01:18 PM

When they changed your fuel filter did they also change the seal?
Once disturbed, old seals never bed back in properly.
Even a small amount of air getting into the system can cause problems.