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In Topic: Focus Mk2 Flip Key

Today, 01:09 AM

I have a flip key on mine.

It was the first thing I did when I bought the car and is used daily with no problems.

You sometimes find that some auto locksmiths and pretty much all high street key cutters will not do aftermarket keys because they bleat about the blades being too hard for their cutters but they are being wussy.

If you can get an original complete key then a locksmith can cut and code to your car in about 10 minutes.


It may be worth contacting this seller, I'm sure they will assist in providing a new fob and a new cut blade to match your car.

Programming to the car will be required using an IDS unit but takes 2 minutes.



In Topic: Interior Paintwork!!

Today, 12:40 AM

The colour of your console will depend on the model specs but the grey part is specific to your interior colour.

If you check here- http://www.etis.ford... colour listed.

If you PM me your VIN I should be able to find the exact part that matches your current specs.

TBH, far cheaper on ebay and a few do come up.


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In Topic: Focus Mk2 Electrics: What Are These?

Yesterday, 05:27 PM

Jobs a good un :)

In Topic: What Could You Share?

Yesterday, 02:10 AM

My answers tend to vary depending on whether the counter staff have a sense of humour or not.
The descriptions vary from car parts to marital aids ;)

In Topic: Halogen Bulbs For St

26 August 2014 - 11:06 PM

I've never understood the whole change-your-lights thing. Have never had a problem with standard lights, certainly never to the point where I'd waste time and money changing them.

Each to their own and all that.

Stock bulbs are always terrible.
Upgraded bulbs look better and are a major improvement on light quality plus they enhance safety.
The only pay off is that better bulbs don't last as long.