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Upgraded Courtesy Light Bulbs

26 June 2014 - 09:45 PM

I've recently had a couple of LED bulbs I installed into my courtesy light start flickering thus causing me to temporarily fit standard bulbs again.

After a nice soft but bright light I felt that a better solution was needed.

As I have the unit with map lights and LED ambient lights fitted it takes T10 style bulbs and the following item was a perfect fit-




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If you have only a single T10 bulb then this is the one for you-




Another option for a single bulb unit, (comes in T10 and festoon versions for all fittings)-




I strongly recommend the ones I fitted, better than normal T10 bulbs by far.


The seller is a top bloke as well, he sent the single T10 fitting one by accident and on alerting Him to this He sorted it immediately with no fuss and the replacement was here within 7 days.

If It's Good Enough For This Guy.....

26 June 2014 - 11:49 AM

You can't get a higher vote of confidence in the Focus than this-


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Led Side Light Bulbs And A Curious Fault

10 June 2014 - 09:19 PM

I purchased and fitted a pair of LED side light bulbs after seeing a Member recommend them.-


Attached File  2014-06-10 20.55.32.jpg   150.9KB   37 downloads


Look nice when fitted and turned on but a curious fault has occurred.

When I press the brake pedal my radio and dash dims (with my dimmer switch turned down as usual) and the sidelight indicator on the dash illuminates so obviously the sidelights are switching themselves on.

On checking the headlights the sidelight bulbs are indeed lighting up albeit very dimly.

The bulbs are each fitted with a resistor as standard (little black rectanges at the base) but I am pretty certain that they are not doing much good at all.

I reckon I need to fit some 3 watt resistors to remedy this, do others concur with this decision or should I bin the bulbs as a bad job?


This type of resistor?-



Nitrogen In Tyres- Useful Or Pointless

16 May 2014 - 11:23 PM

A few months ago I had new tyres fitted and got tempted into having them filled with nitrogen.
There was a debate as to whether it was practical or just a bit of a waste of time.
The time has come to share a couple of observations I have made.

1. Since having nitrogen put in I have checked tyre pressures weekly (as any diligent driver would do) and have seen no variation in pressure when measured cold.
2. I also checked pressures a few times when warmed up after medium/long distance runs (over 50 miles but less than 200 miles).
I have noted pressure increases at less than 1-2 psi in these situations.

My findings lead me to the conclusion that nitrogen filled tyres are more stable, less likely to lose pressure (and definitely not to the level where dangerously low pressures could cause excessive wear or handling problems) and allow me to save time having to top the tyres up weekly.

A Nice Surprise On My Mot Today

31 March 2014 - 07:49 PM

Took my car in for it's annual check up today only for a nice (not) fault to be found.

NSF suspension spring snapped at the base, courtesy of flamin' potholes courtesy of Plymouth City Council.


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Problem is that now after ending up £150 lighter I have found that while turning hard right there is an awful twanging noise coming from the OSF suspension like something is rubbing against the spring on that side.

The garage is getting the car right back first thing in the morning.