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Just Picked Up My New Toy!

27 December 2011 - 05:36 PM

Hello again guys and girls...

Just picked up my frozen white zetec s and loving it. Great little car.

I have a couple of questions though.. The trip computer wont let me reset the mileage counter.. i can reset the MPG and Avg MPH but the mileage is on 1150 and wont reset, any ideas?

Also can anyone link me to some LED bulbs for the interior light and number plate lights that they have used... Thanks a lot.

Hi All, And The Questions Begin...

12 December 2011 - 09:54 PM

Hi guys and girls,

Pleasure to be here! I have just bought a Zetec S in white and should be picking it up next weekend fingers crossed.

Now, coming from a Seat and having the old Zetec S, which i didnt mod, I would like to ask a few silly questions.

Do the newer fiesta's have the canbus system, and therefore all LED's purchase would need to be "canbus" friendly? Also on this note is there a guide for all the sizes of LED's needed for inside the car? My seat had 3 or 4 different sizes that were needed, and not knowing how many interior lights my new car has + sorting out the deal etc i forgot to take a look.

A sour subject is HID's... i know they are illegal and dazzling etc, which is why i did not fit them to my Leon, but as the fiesta has projector headlamps is the dazzle gone, just like factory fit xenon headlamps in other cars? I know they would still be illegal, just a question...

And finally, i have found a ford accessories pdf online and it had pioneer speakers and a little woofer that it says can be installed into the newer fiesta... Has anyone done this without changing to another headunit and have people experienced better sound quality?

Thanks for your time and looking forward to getting to know you lot! :)