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Steering/suspension Problem Mk7 - Advice Please!

06 March 2013 - 11:56 AM

hi everyone, need a quick bit of advice if possible please!


in early 2012 i buckled the front passenger side alloy on my 61 plate zetec s fezza, did it on a pothole, and had it replaced. shortly after that the car started pulling (think it was to the right, memory fuzzy on  which direction) while driving, obviously i took the car back in and had that fixed and then off i went.


since then i've never been 100% convinced with the steering of the car, i've taken it back in a couple of times to Gates of Harlow (once for a service, the other time for this fault) and had them take a look but both times i've been told its absolutely perfect, can't find anything, its not pulling etc...


i had written it off as just me feeling/seeing things that aren't there and thought i'd just better get over it, until the other day my missus took the car out and then came back saying "did you notice your car is pulling a bit?" so now i'm wondering what to do!


whats happening is when i'm going straight on a straight, level, bit of road if i centre the steering wheel i pull very gently to the left. BUT this doesn't seem to be consistent, sometimes it feels the other way. I generally seem to drive most days holding the steering ever so slightly off to the left and its doing my head in!!!


any thoughts/advice guys please?


i've regularly checked tire pressures which all seem to be ok, no noticeable pulling under braking, tires all seem ok tread wise...


sub question: i'm no longer living in harlow so taking back to Gates there (while not impossible) would be a pain, am i within my rights to take it to my local Evans Halshaw garage? would that be better as its a fresh pair of eyes?


many thanks guys!