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Feed To Coil Pack Faulty???

22 October 2013 - 08:58 AM


can anyone please tell me where my coil pack is fed from? My spark tester shows that I have two realy healthy sparks and two really  weak sparks.


I changed the pack and it's still the same.


I noticed that there are three wires feeding the pack, how does the pack fire, should all sparks look the same or is it my tester, is one wire ground and the other two feeds or are they all feeds or one ground one a feed and the last a sensor/info wire?


Is there a well known plug elsewhere that comes loose, a bad connection? Plug on the pack looks fine, what voltage should I have at the pack plug, how can I make a test at the feed side to the coil pack?




52Plate Mk6 1.4 Gearbox (Petrol)

10 October 2013 - 12:58 PM

Hi, I had to have a different gearbox fitted after only driving my 52plate 1.4 duratec for a week back in January.


Found it's getting a bit rough/notchy again and noticed loads of oil leaking from the drivers side driveshaft seal. Have got a new seal to fit, am wondering if all I need to do is undo the clamp, lower the shaft (?by letting the nuckle drop?) and pull on the shaft to pop it out?????? Wishfull thinking, right!!! Will I have to undo anything on the strut?  


How do I drain my gearbox oil before I start?


How do I top up my gearbox oil and to what level, when finishing?

Actually I've just found a black plastic nozzle on the gearbox that a lil hose fits onto, I twisted it and clear oil came out. Smells a bit like break fluid.

Thanks, Rich.  :)


Which Ford Oil? 52Plate Mk6 1.4 Duratec (Petrol)

10 October 2013 - 12:02 PM

Hi, I made it a weekly thing recently to dip my oil, check tyre presures and all other levels on a Friday morning. So, all I will need to do at the weekend is wash n hoover it, right :D !!


If only!!


I was bringing my boys home from footy after last Sundays match and stuck my foot down as we came up a bit of a climb. Not good, coughing and spluttering we were loosing power.

I looked to see if we were low on petrol, maybe having sucked up some crud, nope, over half a tank remaining (afterall, I allways fill up so we do not suck up crud!).


We nearly cut out a couple of times, then limped home. How come I had gotten so low on oil so quickly between checks and why had my oil warning light not come on? ok I may have missed a couple of Friday mornings but my warning lamp illuminates with all the others on start up!


My airbag light came on while driving on the motorway the week before, could my lamps be crossed over or computer be confused.com?


Anyhow we got home and I used some old cheap oil and the car sounded crap but lots better after a real good warm up. So this week I changed the oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs. The oil was a muddy brown colour not black??? Yes I can see metal flecks in it :mellow:, no I can't see oil in my header tank.


Which Ford oil should I have been supplied with? Is oil starvation a problem on these and where?


Sounds like a bag of nails on start up untill warm :mellow:  :blink:  :huh:  :(


Thanks, Rich.


02 Plate Fiesta I Bought Last Week.

04 February 2013 - 05:45 PM

Nice little fiesta I bought last week, great lil car, gearbox shot and now its back with the dealer having another box fitted. Did the 1400 petrols have bad boxes?

It sometimes started, clutch peddle depressed, without making a noise but then made nasty sounds when taking foot of clutch.

It all very quickly got worse where letting the peddle up it sounded horrible let alone trying to drive it!
I just new it would go bang If I drove it so a friend helped me tow it to the dealers garage. Their fitting a secondhand box as soon as they've sourced one.

Hope it's all gonna be ok ;)