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Cmax 1.6Tdci Cuts Out At 4000Rpm

18 December 2011 - 11:11 PM


My wifes reported that a couple times that when driving our Ford CMax 1.6TDCi it has cut out on her.

I've since found that the car is cutting out completely whenever you reach about 4000rpm. The acceleration is a bit hesitant and lumpy in the 3700-4000rpm range and then at about 4000pm it completely cuts out. As the revs drop off it doesn't pick up, its completely stalled and you have to use the key to restart the car.

Strangely no warning lights come on the dash until the revs reach zero, so if you coast in gear after the cut out the dash give no indication that the car has cut out but there is no response fromt he accelerator.

After the cut out if you put it into neutral or put the clutch down then the revs drop to zero... i.e. its not gone into limp mode or anything like that.

I checked for fault codes but there aren't any!

Note that the problem is 100% reproducable. i.e. every time you hit 4000rpm it cuts out, except its onyl when under load. i.e. it doesn't do it if you just very up to 4000rpm in neutral.

Some other clues that may or may not be relevant:
1. The oil level seems a quite high (Last changed by Ford a few months ago)
2. The DPF had to be replaced a couple of months ago (It died just after the Ford service mentioned above)

Any ideas?

Is this a known\common problem for this engine?

Thanks in advance