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In Topic: New Fiesta!

21 January 2009 - 10:00 PM

They were Ford 17 inch extra wheels
My father has bought the same car (only a titanium spec) and has none of the problems i have.
Although it may be picky with the seals being adrift and ripped i feel after paying the amount i have this should not be happening.
Yes the seals are on back order and have been since beginning of Dec 2008 but they are still making the cars??
As for driving over speed bumps a little quicker it is easier said than done , yes the tdci engine wants to go forward at them speeds but it violently kangaroo's in both first gear and second.
When i drive my dads car the same as mine it does not do this.
Paint work... i tried tar remover etc and the local(Hartwell) dealer tried power polishing and could not remove the marks hence repainting.
Have had enough of what we would call a friday car and a dealer that has washed their hands.
Will be writing to Ford ,watchdog etc

In Topic: New Fiesta!

21 January 2009 - 08:02 AM

Squeeze green zetec 1.6 Tdci with 17 inch alloys/privacy glass and bluetooth and voice control.
1100 miles on clock.
1..Speedo incorrect due to wheels (car thinks it has travelled further than it has 15% out)
remedy put standard wheels and tyres on
answer how can i because these are what it came with.
2... Paint marks in N/s/r door
remedy had to have it painted(car was 2 days old
3.. Ripped O/s/f and N/s/f inner door seals from delivery
remedy we will replace them but they may be modified
answer order some then (OH they are on back order)
4.... Both rear door seals that are stuck onto the door panel that meets over the "B" post
keep coming adrift
remedy order some
OH on back order
5...Immobiliser light stays on when driving
remedy just a glitch
answer should not come on unless the chip in the key is not read correctly
but they cannot find any reason for it on their computer
6.. Indicator does not cancel when turning left
remedy unresolved due to my lack of interest in the product now
7...Car kangaroo's when travelling at low speed in traffic or going over speed bumps
if you drive the car like a young lad who does not care about it then you would never know the fault was there.
Drive it like you want to cherish the car and all hell is let loose (try it 10mph just between 2/1st gear and try and coast over a
speed bump or lightly travel forwards.
remedy "thats how they are its called anti stall
answer "!Removed! its not natural"
8..Suspension at the front of the car now clucks when going over bumps
remedy have lost interest
9.. Rattle from left side of dash
remedy still on going.

Local dealer "Hartwell Ford in GRIMSBY" are not interested after having 4 visits to them they view me as a pain in the !Removed!
and they view the faults as petty ones.
Maybe so but a few petty faults then become large ones and when you paid 13000 pounds you expect
better service than this.
Oh and if one more salesman or sales manager calls me mate then i will hit them.

In Topic: New Fiesta!

20 January 2009 - 08:49 PM

I am just about to get rid of mine.
Owned it since 30th november 2008 and have had that many problems with it.
Local ford dealer is not interested in helping and neither were customer services on the phone.
It was my first new car and my first ford.
Neither will i ever own again.
Depreciation is good i paid 12,800 and now it is worth 9000.

In Topic: New 2008 Fiesta MP3 CD playback problem

14 December 2008 - 10:58 AM

Just gone outside and tried mine had no skipping just plays as normal

In Topic: Got my new Fiesta!

13 December 2008 - 07:15 AM

Have had mine two weeks now(1.6 tdci) 540 miles on the clock and average 42mpg around town(still not what the book says it can do).
Have had various problems with it (see list)
Faults with the vehicle

1, Front windscreen washer has no pressure to clear screen
2, Intermittent rattle from left side of glove box area near air vent
3, Rattle from left hinge of bonnet (the headlamp was very loose which I have secured) but
Requires lining up with the body work
4, Alternator belt squeals loudly at first start up for 10-15 seconds(when cold)
5, Both rear door seals that stick on the leading edge of the door and seal against
The B post keeps coming adrift and has to be restuck frequently
6, The engine (radiator) fan comes on for no reason after just travelling a short distance
And the engine temp is still very cold ( no aircon selected)
7, The engine judders when coming to a stop at junctions and has cut out several times
This can be replicated by travelling at 25-30mph then put the car in neutral and gently
Bring the car the car to a stop
8, N/s/r door paint defects which the body shop are aware of (black dots that look like tar spots)

Has anyone else had any issues??
Even with these problems it is a joy to drive
I would like to be able to read the cars ecu with a hand held diagnostic unit anyone know where i can get one?