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Loose Front Windscreen Trim On Y Reg Ford Focus Estate

11 April 2013 - 09:59 PM

Difficult to describe what I mean, but hopefully someone will understand. On the outside of the front windscreen, along the bottom edge, are 2 plastic trims with a dimpled effect. They look like they are designed to help water flow away from the windscreen in the rain. The one on the left has come loose. It seems to be held in place with some "clips", the male part on the trim clipping into the female part on the body. One of these is not working properly. It looks as if should be relatively easy to fix if I can find the right parts. However I don' t know what they would be called and where to buy them from. Can someone please help?

What Diameter Is The Vacuum Tubing For Windscreen Wash Tubing

10 December 2012 - 04:35 PM


I have a 2001 reg Ford Focus Estate. The "vacuum" tubing for the rear windsceen washer has developed a split, thankfully in an area where it should be fairly easy to repair. The plan is to make a clean cut in the tubing and buy a straight connector to join the 2 ends. However, I can't find out what the diameter of the tubing is and therefore what mm sized connector I should buy. Can someone please help (The tubing is black and looks like it has got some fibre threads bulit into it to strenghten it).

Thank you