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Breather Pipe Loose - 1.6 Tdci

08 June 2015 - 04:31 PM

hi all,


i believe this is quite a common annoyance, basically the breather pipe (one with the very brittle plastic clip) keeps coming away as the plastic clip was broken. i keep trying to tape it on but it keeps coming away.


not sure what others have done about this, as the same issue will happen even if i bought another part as mechanics who service seem to end up breaking the clip at some point.


also, if breather pipe does come away so is not attached, what problems if any does this cause - ive heard the engine area being a bit louder (almost like a rattle as you put foot down) but can it damage anything, or loe mpg.


any help is greatly appreciated.



Clicking Relay When Starting Engine - Car Starts Fine Though

26 November 2014 - 06:35 PM

As per title, my focus has started to have a weird clicking sound which appears to be coming from relay in passenger dash when starting engine.


the engine does start though so unsure of what would be causing it. when engine is hot and i start engine again it doesn't do it. seems to only happen from cold start.


any ideas?



Mk2 Tdci Idle Rough And General Hesitation After Maf Replaced

26 November 2014 - 06:32 PM

hi all,


hope someone is able to assist me.


i recently had a MOT and service done on my 1.6 TDCI Focus. when it went to have work done the engine was running fine. there was an engine management light which i knew about as this was MAF Sensor problem but engine was fine, idle fine etc.


after service, MAF sensor replacement and MOT (which passed with no problems) the car now idles ver rough, usually takes about a min from starting the engine then the car sounds as though its going to stall, very shaky etc. Rev counter isn't going up or down though, staying at usual 750rpm.


once engine is hot, the shaky, rough idle doesn't seem to be as evident.


i also now get what seems like flat spots occasionally when accelarating and also sometimes if just in 3rd or 4th gear at a constant speed the car will now start shaking a bit and isn't smooth.


none of these problems were there before service and sensor replacement.


i explained all of this to mechanic as i also noticed when cold there seems to be small amounts of white smoke accompanied by a burning smell coming from engine bay (turbo area)when cold. as he was also doing my timing belt and water pump, he said he'd check it all over before returning it to me.


well problem still evident and he's had a look and can't find any problems.


whats causing it? is it the new sensor? i read that the batterey should be disconnected when fitting new sensor but doesn't appear this was done.


is the car on its last legs?

Location Of Maf Sensor 1.6 Tdci 05 Reg

12 August 2014 - 06:31 PM

Hi all , as topic indicates, I am trying to find where the maf sensor is located , I've not been able to find a picture or video relating to my car and have no idea where this part is located.

The reason I am looking is because I have a high voltage engine management light which indicates maf fault,after some reading a lot of things I've seen seem to suggest it could just be a dirty sensor that needs cleaning which is why I want to try myself if it's simple enough before having to pay a mechanic.

Many thanks