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burnt out clutch plate

28 December 2008 - 12:04 AM

i have burnt out my clutch and the recovery bloke has said it is the plates that have collapsed so will be a new job have been looking for a new one on the net but aint found any yet so any suggestions would be cool and appreiciated but my main question is can youfit a 6 speed gear box straight in as i havent heard of any except in the newer 220 i have a 96 2.5i v6 si or would it be better to fit a diesil box if so which one???

the old bills xmas do

09 December 2008 - 09:49 PM

so i have had this mondy for a little over a week now and have whacked in a new sony xplod stereo my amp and a couple of 6*9's sounds mint well just needs a bit of tweeking but thats nothing, so i have had a set of neons that i have had sat there for about 6 months and haven't been touched so i thought balls to it and stuck them on!!!
because my car is white when i had finished it was !Removed! filthy so stuck on my lights and off to the petty station and the car wash and within 20 minutes of leaving the house had a 30 quid fine superb eh paying for the old bills christmas do "another pint ted?" "nah f*ck it stuz is paing make mine a double" b*stards now i know neons aint exactly legal but its not like i was driving like a c*nt and wasn't speeding a warning would of been enough!!!
so out of sight back on they go posing mode (we all do it looking at your reflection in shop windows as you pass by to make sure you look good in your motor lol i know i aint the only one)
i am telling you now this is the car that is going to end costing me my lisence but you know what! f*uck it i dont care i love this car it ticks all the right boxes and what a buzz hearing a v6 growl when you put your foot down and the best bit of it all is when you pull up at the lights next to some young n*b head in a punto that mummy bought him that only see's a mondy and thinks its just an over sized shopping trolly then dusting him!!!
i will upload some pics of the new car in the morning need some decent ones first

accelerator kick back

07 December 2008 - 10:34 PM

how do all i have a mondy 2.5i 24 valve v6 si
right to the point when i put my foot down in first gear my throttle kicks back at me now i have never encountered this problem before so have no ideas what this might be or what could cause this to happen???
one of my mates thinks this could be the abs or the traction control but i aint convinced!!!
its fine if i dont hammer it so it has me stumped any body dealt with this problem before if so what was it and how did you remedy it???
many thanks in advance

teething problems

07 December 2008 - 10:22 PM

how do all
right getting started with my last car which was a mondy st24 silver and mint half leather but sporty as f*ck loved it for the grand total of 3 weeks till that unfortunate dark wet evening of the 21/10/08 when i deceided it was a great idea to over take a honda civic!!!
what a tw*t!!! was pulling in front no problem untill i went to return to my rightfull place on the road (in front lol) when as soon as i turned the wheel to monuvre back in the back end spun (now i aint sure why but i will have to hold my hands up and say its my fault because i was driving) straight in to the corner of a wall which in turn sent me on another relaxing spin straight in to a barber shop window with a full on side impact which in turn sent me round again untill i ended up at a bus stop (best place for me eh!!! f*ck off) with in seconds the old bill was there and i was surounded by about 50 of the local !Removed! heads from the local pub great way to end the night eh.
well the car died that night god rest her soul on the back of a police assisted fam truck.

so moving on i went about 4 weeks with out a motor which !Removed! nearly killed me having to ask mates and family members for a lift even just to go round the shops when i saw a white mondeo 2.5i v6 si going cheap that was a sign from upstairs some where if ever there was one.
so a day of work followed and i went to have a look, now it wasn't only round the corner it was about an hour away so a mate of mine took me.
with the worlds sh*ttest satnav in hand we set off, now this satnav of my pals you couldnt put in a complete post code it would f*ck you off get over worked and die !!! great !!! so we had to put in the first half of the addy and hope for the best lol.
so an hour and a half later we got there and as soon as i pulled up i knew it was mine dont get me wrong it has its faults but that is just part of the charector.
i met the seller at his work place and the trampy b*stard hadn't even cleaned it!! it was filthy, plastic bags all over it bits of paper a full ashtray and hardly any fuel so it was the worlds shortest test drive, but i knew from the moment i pulled up it would be mine all it needs is a bit of love.
the negotiations well it was up for 950 but i got it for 775 so hope fully i have a good deal it has a few months t and t on it so gives me chance to sort out any problems before its next mot.
so i had the car and my pal that took me up was in a 3 series bmw 318i se following me back down to the motor way and as soon as we had cleared the traffic of the slip road i had to test the car out (new car bonding time) so i put my foot down and f*ck me it felt like i was doing about 50-55 mph when i looked in the rear view and my mate was a tiny dot in the back ground and i looked down at the speedo and i was doing 130 oops!!! better slow down had seen loads of police earlier.
well no trouble it was smooth as you like and felt great just to be behind the wheel of my own motor again.
dont get me wrong i know that it will cost me a few quid to finish it off and get it looking and handleing the way i want it to but its mine and i defo have the ford fever so will look forward to hopefully getting to know a few of you a bit better