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Tdci Won't Start!

18 February 2012 - 08:59 PM

No warning lights are up but I've just put my key in, instrument panel fine, turn to the second ignition position and nothing car just chugs once and dies, so no turning over.. Steering stiff last night for a moment, turbo died last week..I'm not having much luck :o

My Steering Just Got Really Stiff!

17 February 2012 - 10:40 PM

No idea what has just happened, I was just shopping, located my spot, pulled up ready to reverse in and my steering was almost un moveable, paused for a minute, selected reverse and backed in ,with the steering locked then it was fine..Any ideas folks? Only just got my car back after the recent turbo blowing :angry:

Turbo Legal Advice Please Asap

31 January 2012 - 06:47 PM

Hi all,
I need some hard and fast facts please anything you can give me that is pertinent to the following:


i)Car purchased via dealer week ago, turbo blows and is confirmed by AA. Independent inspection carried out and confirms turbo is blown and vehicle towed away.

ii) Dealer is contacted and made aware that car is unfit to drive but offers to repair turbo using the garage of his choice and that has stated he is not obliged to offer any documentation of the repair on the turbo, which means I could technically be going backwards and forwards every week. Is this correct? Is he required by law to provide documentation of a repair of this nature?

I will be seeking legal advice tomorrow and am fully aware of the 1974 act so realise that a warranty is not necessary, I have outlined this to the dealer, but is he required to provide documentation of the turbo repair? For instance the AA cover turbos for £5 a month extra, but surely they are not going to give a warranty on an un documented re-con turbo, for any kind of warranty I would imagine they need to see the level of work carried out? Regardless, from my point of view, I wish to see some account of the level of repair as it required towing!
ASAP would be great,

Bulb Part Numbers Needed Focus Tdci 2006

27 January 2012 - 09:23 AM

I'm running myself round in circles with the part number for replacement, aftermarket headlight bulbs possibly reversing lights and brakes too.

I realise I need H7 and H1 mainly but even so there's a myriad of other numbers such as on the Phillips site "notchback 04.05 65kw or 80kw" then there's varying parts No's on the main category such as the H7 in small print there's a variety of different No's - I just don't want to get the wrong set, respectively. You guys have been really helpful so if you can shed any light (sorry) on this it would really help me out. Cheers

PS have read some of the existing threads on bulbs but couldn't find what I wanted, though there was a very useful video on changing the bulbs.

Registration Plate Bolt Threaded Help Please!

25 January 2012 - 03:56 PM

More bad luck! I'm sorting out registrations, private plate to standard and I discover one of the bolts is threaded on the existing registration plate. So, a closer inspection to remove the boot door panel, no problem and I've done that dozens of times is the Golfs as the wiper motors always seem to die BUT its completely threaded, it just goes round and round and round..

I can't cut it because a saw blade won't fit under the head (I have around 1.5mm max play) then it will leave the rest of the screw stuck in the hole and I'd have to battle trying to get it out with molegrips.

Also there's a metal wedge that appears to be glued with some type of foam that prevents you from getting to the female bit the screw goes into, however I did manage to get some molegrips attached but even giving it full force the screw is well and truly threaded :angry: