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In Topic: Laptop On Its Way Out?

23 March 2010 - 11:40 AM

if the notebook has a an Nvidia Card, might want to check with Acer as there is a know issue wit hthe GPU on the cards.

this can be caused and can been seen by things like flickering screen, Artifacts on the screen, and distortion.

if the gard is onboard the motherboard then i suggest new notebook unless it has warranty as this will cost you as there will be the cost for the part (expensive) and for the engineer (even more expensive).

Or if your a rogue like me, you have house insurance, and i was walking up the stairs and oops i dropped it, coverage done!

In Topic: Whistling, Rear Brake/wheel Noise

08 March 2010 - 03:12 PM

Over the last few days i have noticed a weird noise coming from the rear near side wheel. At low speeds it sounds like something caught on the wheel hitting the car. Thump.......thump......thump. However on inspection there is nothing catching the wheel and no flat tyre. Could it be the drum brake? anyone else had this issue???

yip, my car is about to go in for a new Rear passenger side Hub Assembley, New 100 quid, used 40 quid.

goto good breakers you will get part fairly easy, fiting is another issue.



23 February 2010 - 01:57 PM

duggie73 (PSN)

playing only cod 4 mw2 (Badly)


In Topic: Windows 7 Upgrade question

23 February 2010 - 01:30 PM

Shame your not a student like me :P
I got windows 7 professional for 30 , and i can get office 2007 for another 30 but i has a "special edition" ;) so i dont need that

Office 2010 any different from 07? I looks the same to me except its more gray ish so it doesnt fit with win 7 much anymore.

Beta 10 looks very much the same as usual, except a few tweaks here n there, more of a brand change than an upgrade, mind you i havent done much with it other than install and use for basic usage.

here a question for you all, With the Win 7 RC version now on its way to O/S Heaven, how are you folks going about the move to RTM?

just interested to see how people adapt!

In Topic: Replacement discs and pads

12 February 2010 - 04:36 PM

Thanks for your feedback Paul. May I ask how many miles have you done in those 9 months and what pads do you have?

I found another seller with 100% feedback. He's selling all 4 discs for £140 and let's you choose (for a price of course) which pads you want.

Now the choice is between Mintex and 3 types of EBC: Ultimax, Green and Red stuff. I'll be choosing between Mintex and Ultimax. I'll be looking for some reviews.


i have now done about 14k on them and they are still going strong, starting to see some wear on the pads but the discs are bang on.
I would recommend them definetly as they have been the best one's i have bought since i got the car.

Also i would recommend the Mintex discs n pads set.

To give you a better idea, i've had car 3 years, rattled about 60k out the car, and done up till now, 3 changes of pads and 2 disc changes as the discs were gubbed when i got the car. i also have a heavy brake n gas foot!

hope this helps B)