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Focus 1.8Tdci Hose Replacement / Egr Cleaning

11 September 2013 - 07:30 PM



I recently started to hear a whoosh when hitting 2K. With no loss of performance I suspected a tear in the right angled hose leading to the turbo from the intercooler.


On my first inspection all looked OK. However, after looking closer I could see a concentrated amount of oil / general crap towards the rear of the turbo. I reached back and found a large tear / crack in the pipe just before the jubilee clip.


I'm going to replace it with a silicone version, but while I'm at it I though it wise to ask for any basic cleaing tips while the hose is off, or any general hints and tips?


I'm pretty hands on and can see what needs to be done. While I'm at it I may also clean and blank the EGR - any tips for cleaning? Full removal?


Thanks in advance.



Mk 2.5 Focus 1.8Tdci - Hesitant Under Heavy Acceleration

11 April 2013 - 08:24 AM

Morning guys,
A couple of months back I made a trip down to Lincoln with my other half (from Carlisle). This was the first long trip of the year for the Focus. Typically I do 50 - 60 miles a day and average 1000 miles a month.
During the trip down my other half was driving and I told her to give it some 'welly' when overtaking a lorry on the A1(M). While doing so she said 'The cars shaking.... :( ' I replied with 'don't be silly' as I couldn't feel, see of hear anything.
Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I started to notice that when I attempted to accelerate hard in 3rd / 4th the engine started to feel lumpy and drop off around 3 - 3.5k revs. The shaking she was referring to was feedback through the accelerator pedal / low levels of hesitation.
This morning I gave the car a good thrashing on the way to work (rural A road) and could still feel the problem.
In 1st, 2nd (with normal turbo boosting at 2k revs) and any other gear at normal driving speeds (with normal acceleration) the cars is fine and I've not received any engine malfunction lights. I've not had chance to read any codes yet, but I'm thinking it could be the fuel filter?
I purchased the car February 2012 and was told at the time the car had been serviced (national dealer) when I checked the air filter a few weeks later it was filthy. Considering this is a 2008 car it looked like the original filter (which didn't fill me with confidence). I purchased the car with lower than average miles for the age and it appeared to have missed a service.
I had a service (oil and filter change) last October, which was done by a prestigious car dealer as a mates wife is service manager. To be fair I only asked for an oil change and the experience was great (they treated my car like a top end motor rather than a lowly Ford)  but thinking back I'm now convinced the fuel filter is overdue renewal as I've never done it.
Do this sound right to any of you? I'm thinking a filter change and for good measure I'll chuck in a tin of BG244.
Any advice gratefully received.

Focus Titanium Screen - Repair Or Replace?

13 March 2013 - 11:34 AM

Morning guys,


Driving home last night I managed to get a decent chip / crack in my front screen. I've never had anything this bad before and although it's on the passenger side and not within my line of vision it's just about at the limits of what most advise for injection; not to mention annoying!




I'm aware that the heated screens are fairly expensive, plus I also have auto lights / wipers.


Therefore I'm looking for advice - Repair for free or get the screen replaced for £70?


I'm not bothered either way, but considering the screen has gained a few small chips during the time Ive owned it, it's probably worth replacing.


I'd appreciate any advice.