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In Topic: My Focus Titanium <3

19 June 2013 - 12:08 PM

A bit off topic, but Lenny the picture underneath your last post - is that how your car is looking at the moment? :D :D

If so, holy jaysus... Me gusta :)

In Topic: My Focus Titanium <3

15 June 2013 - 01:13 PM

Hey Ollie, 


Love what you did to the car so far, but wanted to throw a suggestion your way and see what you think of it. As most people will probably notice, I am an unreal fan of lowering the suspension and making sure the car is sitting as low as possible. (visually gives fantastic results, for the performance and the driving pleasure, it varies on each person individually :D 

You have fitted the ST alloys into it, which makes it look extremely good, but if you would even dish out about 200 quid on a nice, reliable set of coil-overs and lower the car, i think you will be extremely pleased with the outcome :D 

In Topic: Focus Coilovers!!

13 June 2013 - 11:33 PM

What make are the coils? 

In Topic: Favourite Car Modifications

13 June 2013 - 11:28 PM

Getting some good ideas here. SeanW having a nice idea with the dash cam, was actually considering doing that to my car with the amount of lunatics on the roads of Dublin ;) I must say, some of my favourite modifications that I have a huge interest in is suspension modification. My personal favourite is the AirSuspension which allows you to control the exact amount of clearance between the car and the ground, however more viable option being either coil overs  or lowering springs (savings of around 2000 quid :D

Another modification would be changing the wheels. I have to admit I like the factory wheels on the Focus, but wheels such as the rotiforms are my personal favourites. 

One of the major changes that is constantly bugging me is the standard factory Sony 6000 CD radio that I have in the Focus. There is no AUX connection, even though there is an AUX button on the radio itself, so was considering installing an aux socket, however think the better (visually) option would be to replace the unit with a fancy double DIN and make it look the business :) 

In Topic: Performance Upgrades

13 June 2013 - 03:59 PM

Hey Joss,


Welcome to the forum :) If you're looking for some performance modification, one thing that's always good to start with is to consider the suspension. There are many advantages to doing that ,some of which include improved traction and handling (one of the main advantages people always go for) and it also makes it stiffer, which for some people gives greater comfort. The best way to figure out if this modification is for you, would be to have a drive in a car with a lowered suspension and see for yourself :)

There are many different ways in approaching suspension modification, most common are lower spring replacement, which seems to be the cheapest option. There is also the fitment of the coilovers and my personal favourite, Air suspension :P Air suspension is great for shows and visual tuning but not the cheapest option :)

As others have said above me, engine re-mapping is one of the major performance modifications that is great if you're looking for additional bhp. It's expensive enough, but it will definitely be one of the first step if you want to properly modify the performance of your car :D 

Other things that you can do are endless, such as exhaust replacement, adding an induction kit, wheel replacement, break pad replacement etc...

:D Hope this helps ;)