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Changing Part Of Dash

19 August 2013 - 01:49 PM

i have a 03 mondeo ghia x, so have the the old digital Climate Control and middle dash part what came with the ghia x's.. can i change it all for the new version (53-07) just the middle bit heater controls, radio, and the part with the hazard buttons i just need to no if its a straight swap. i no i will after take the buttons to and maybe the heater bottons thanks

Bhp Unknown New Car

17 August 2013 - 03:55 PM

Other half bought a 2011 plate fiesta edge this morning, so what im wanting to no is... how do i find what BHP version i have? as i think you can get 2 different engines versions in the 1.25 cc engine, looked on logbook, in engine and inside door, even fuel cap but cant find the Hp , my mondeo diesel tells me the Bhp version in engine bay, so i just thought fords tell you somewhere on the car.


Also how can i reset the bluetooth? all the old numbers and connections are still there from the old owner



Rear Drivers Side Knocking

26 July 2013 - 09:24 PM

i keep getting a knock like a bang from the rear drivers side, sounds like its coming from above the wheel or boot floor (maybe its a strut) i dont no, but it sounds like its getting worse every time i go over a speed bump, road grate... even when i brake it knocks,i have checked every thing, the springs under the car there only 5 months old, even changed the exhaust thinking it was that took every thing out of the boot spare tyre and tools drove it..Knock still there, took the rear wheel off cant find nothing even after jumping up and down to make the noise again still cant find the loud knock..


Only thing i can think it could be is the strut. would that make a loud bang?

Ac Clutch Not Engaging.

21 July 2013 - 01:19 PM

My Ac clutch isnt angaging when i press the Ac button in the car so no cold air, i check the gas with halfords ac gauge reader and its half full still any ideas how i could fix this?, i havent drove the car since checking it (has its been to hot), i have check all fuse's in engine bay all seem to be ok but i havent drove the car for a while only checked it when it was idle.. would i after be driving it for the ac clutch to engage?

Oil Leak Out Of Of Wishbone

13 May 2013 - 11:21 PM

Today changed my struts and looks like i have damaged my wishbone rubber , i forgot there sealed with oil, so next question is... do i need to put a new wishbone arm in asap or is it ok to drive about with it like that and what would i have to expect with it broke..., Vibrations? because  i can now feel vibration coming though the steering wheel and feels like my drivers side wheel is really unbalanced like it needs balancing or something or could that part be because i took off the anti roll link bar and i need to buy a new one has old one has had it.... i just cant see wishbone rubber making my Tyre shake/unbalanced. and another thing when i freewheel/coast the shaking goes but soon as i accelerate vibrations come back 


Any help on why my wheel would do that would be a great help thanks


EDIT... Also i can feel the vibrations though the floor after a long motoway journey (i feel like i have been jack hammering when i get home lol)