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#544372 What Are The Best H7 Headlights?

Posted by b1g_dav3 on Today, 02:41 PM

I've just popped some Nightbreaker Unlimited's in my ST; same colour as the LED's to a T so that's already a bonus. I'll see what the output is like over the next week and feed back on them.

#543394 Idiot Brakes Way Too Soon

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 25 November 2015 - 12:18 AM

I really don't see what the problem is if honest. You have an ST... any excuse to drop down a gear or two and give it some ;]

#543054 Handbrake Use - Do You Use Yours Often Whilst Driving

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 23 November 2015 - 08:37 PM

I use mine a lot, usually for impressing the 18 year old lasses who's knickers just fall to the floor at the mere thought of a handbrake being used in a manor not intended by the driving standards agency. Being in a Ford they can't resist their urges when such piddly things as 1.0 Corsa's try their mating ritual of going backwards down the hill on the way to Maccy's.

#543053 Inappropriate/just Plain Wrong Advert For A Ford Forum!

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 23 November 2015 - 08:34 PM

I'm sure this could constitute a permanent Forum ban for such treachery...

#542376 My 4Th Fiesta Is On It's Way!

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 21 November 2015 - 10:04 PM

I quite like them, they just look a little different to the previous 2 versions with the LED's. There's a few little bits and pieces that are a little different on the 2016 version.


There's 7 Blue ST3's at the dealer I'm getting my car from :P

#542114 The St Arrived!

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 20 November 2015 - 09:38 PM

I noticed the torque quite quickly on my test drive when it chucked the number plate at the poor salesman I was on the drive with :P


It's nice how it goes from low down with a boot load of torque, then the BHP hits and it flies. I have a long wait of 3 more days for mine...


I'm pulling the OBD fuse out to avoid thieves getting an easy ride.

#541493 My 4Th Fiesta Is On It's Way!

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 18 November 2015 - 10:10 PM

Well I intended on picking up an ST-2 around March next year and thought I'd put my order in around now for it, seeing when I last asked there was quite the wait on a build.


Well that turned into January when I popped along to Ford 2 weeks ago where there was a few that could be ordered in already being built for a January delivery, so I thought great well a month or two ahead is nothing to complain.


I got a call last week as I'd asked for a test drive, and 7 of them had arrived all at once. 7 ST-3 models all in spirit blue. Seeing they were all being snapped up the salesman put my name on one and so now I'm getting it on Monday. Little bit quicker than I'd intended.


So I'll be getting a Spirit Blue ST-3 next week with all extra's minus the spare wheel as it's pointless me getting it as I have the kit already, though I've never used it in my ZS.


So I'll be moving from a 1.6 TDCi Zetec S which my dad's going to use for a while to a nice shiny ST :P


Will get some pictures when I can, probably going to keep it largely standard as I really can't be bothered with modifications, may pick up the Mountune MP215 kit at some point but that'll be the most I bother with. Possibly some 5000K HID's or OSRAM Nightbreakers depending on how I feel at the time and that'll do just fine!

#541259 Stupid Pedestrian Steps Out Plus A Chav In A Corsa

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 17 November 2015 - 10:42 PM

Up hill in a Corsa? Damn what a moron just off that alone, never mind the way he did it.

#509533 3d Tuning

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 06 August 2015 - 12:06 AM

Anyone given a site called 3dtuning a go? 


Had a wee play on it before and seems decent, here's my Ford offering...



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#507579 Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 30 July 2015 - 10:18 PM

Student teacher :P

#506489 Well Then.... Not That I Ever Needed A Reason Not To Eat Them...

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 27 July 2015 - 01:22 AM

Not sure they oysters are to blame for herpes in Essex in fairness.

#500745 Tdci Remap

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 05 July 2015 - 09:21 PM

If it's a live remap 125 - 130 is achievable, if it's an off the shelf style map then you'd be looking at about 110 - 115 which seems to be what you're going for. Both are great, the live map will always be better but honestly if you just want some extra poke for every day use the driveway option works nicely, and in fairness when you're talking maybe 130bhp max it's not really worth the extra expense :P


I was happy enough when mine was done on a tuning box which is another option that recently seems pricier than some maps now, so I'd imagine you'll be pretty happy with the map.

#500741 Led Dectane Lights Need Help :d

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 05 July 2015 - 09:16 PM

Red will keep an original look whilst looking the part, smoked to me looks like they should be sat on McDonald's car park on a Friday night :P

#491139 What Do You Do Prior To Lane Closure On Dual Carriageways?

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 30 May 2015 - 10:15 PM

I go down the hard shoulder to get around these fools... They go so slow looking for a place to get in, just blast down it and force your way in with the side of the car... Damn wussy drivers.


Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for people who copy this and blow up and/or die.


Disclaimer: I blew up and died when I did this once.



On a serious note, why use one lane? It backs up a butt-ton, go to the cones, merge at the cones in a sequence and the traffic will flow much better, people will be less stressed out and the tools will have to wait.

#490694 Rs15 (2017) Look For Facelift

Posted by b1g_dav3 on 29 May 2015 - 02:00 PM

I just don't like the tacky LED lights on the front bumper instead of fogs, would have been nice if they'd made some proper lights for them.