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Uk Owners Missing Out...

18 January 2014 - 11:43 PM

Flicking through my Flipboard from CES this year, it seems we're missing out! An update in Spring will give Ford Sync in the Fiesta the ability to call the nearest pizza places and order pizza for you without even calling the place... I feel diddled.

Well Damn. Stupid Drivers Out Tonight...

09 January 2014 - 02:30 AM

Well just popped out for a mid-evening munch from the takeaway, and some bafoons come speeding up behind me, and one realises I'm there, brakes and spins into the back of the car at about 30ish by the time he's done. He then claims it's my fault as I was driving 'too far on the f'ing left'. Well damn, I've never been accused before of wrongly driving on the left hand side of the road before. 


Luckily, I wasn't in my own car or it may now be in a thousand pieces, I was in a trusty old Land Rover but it paid the price with a now destroyed rear step, and has broken a reflector. It isn't all bad news though, the takeaway was safe and eaten as I waited for the police, the Land Rover is fine and the Corsa that hit me is somewhat bent into something remotely resembling a squashed bug. Better news - it was a 63 plate, so that's one !Removed! removed that he's still going to probably end up paying off for the next few years. His mate in the Golf sped off - pretty stereotypical pair if honest.


What helped is being at traffic lights, as well as hitting me he hit a post and some railing which took some impact out of it, and being a thundering beast the Land Rover just sort of sat there. Though I'm sure my back may disagree come morning...

Fiesta Mk7.5 Rs Possibility?

07 January 2014 - 04:53 PM

I don't know if anyone's picked up the latest AutoExpress but it caught my eye when it had on the front the 2014 Focus Facelift and also below it a Fiesta RS.


It's quite speculative however there's a good bit of logic behind the car;

1) The previous ST Fiesta wasn't a massive hit and although was positive, has been nothing on the success of the current ST, so that's 1 point towards it based on the current car vs previous car;

2) The ST soon is going to have some possible stiff competition, as Peugeot has rumoured a 230bhp 208, which despite being vastly inferior to the Fiesta, still has numbers on it's side, and 50 of them at that;

3) At the 230bhp range, it will probably near match the Focus ST but not out-do it, so there'll still be separate markets rather than poaching themselves, and the two will most likely be similarly priced;

4) A good deal of folks have wanted the RS since the Mk6 hit, and although in Europe and over the pond in the US are quite on the fence about such cars, the Fiesta now is a fantastic seller with Ford's thought on having a global model rather than continent specific designs, and everyone seems to love the ST.


So according to the article, we'd be looking at 230bhp and a limited slip differential and larger brakes. My only quibble would be with the LSD, although I'd love one, all the trends now are going towards 'fake' LSD's with electronics, such as Ford's Torque Vectoring systems, which are pretty darn good if honest. 


So what do you folks think on this? I'm up for it and wouldn't think twice for sure :P


Original Article: http://www.autoexpre...iesta-rs-coming



As for the picture, I don't think that's too accurate of an example, whilst it's a win from me for sure, I feel as though with the headlight design we have, the separate DRL design in the grille would be a step away from what Ford has made (though I prefer it), there are no fog lights in sight, and I'm unsure on the bonnet too, as without a top mounted intercooler there really would be little function to a bonnet 'scoop' which isn't really Ford's style (for as what I can recall anyway, I can't recall if the Mustang GT had a scoop or cutaway or not...)


Anyway, discuss!

Few Snaps Of A Focus St :p

27 December 2013 - 02:11 AM

Thought these looked quite good, and being Ford figured I'd post them :P

People On The Phone Whilst Driving...

02 October 2013 - 10:44 PM

Today there was some woman going all over the place, annoying the heck out of me and then pulled next to her at the traffic lights - she's on the phone isn't she. So, I put my window down and threw my beer at her.