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2004 Ford Fiesta Zetech Electrical Fault

09 December 2008 - 12:29 PM

I Have been having a reoccuring problem with my Fiesta over the last few months. I've put it into the garage today and the engineer has come back to me saying that there were 30 flault codes in the ECU and that there is a possibility that the ABS system is faulty and is messing up the Cambus network on startup. It even soometimes does not allow the car to start.

I am wondering if anyone else with a similar fiesta has had the same problem. The garage i took it to "County Garage Herne Bay - Kent" has seen 6 fiestas come in since they were out with the same proble, though 3 required new ABS systems with the other 3 having dirty/cloged up connections to the ABS system from the ECU.

Let me know, because a new ABS system is 921.44 .... Lotsa money at christmass!