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In Topic: Boot release - dashboard button & CD 4500 Error Code 83

10 December 2008 - 11:32 PM

With the boot release. You have remembered to turn the ignition off completley and then tried the button ?
Also. Open the boot and remove the inner plastic pannel and check that the boot release motor is connected to the boot lock. If it isn't. You wont hear a sound coming from the switch until the release motor is connected.
Or you could try finding where the fuse is located (it doesn't state in the manual and neither fuse boxes show one.

As for the headunit. Its a cd stuck in player code as previously mentioned. Looking at near 300 for a replacement from Ford themselves. I have a 6000CD in silver that had a damaged facia bracket. Ford said I had to replace the whole headunit and couldn't just buy the silver section. Never bothered and just put my Kenwood headunit in. Much easier :)

Thanks for the reply. The CD is basically knackered then, from what you say. eBay here I come. Ford can tickle themselves for 300.
Release button.: agree about the fuse and it's hidden location. I'll try and locate the release motor. The button makes no sound at all - probably shy.

I could just do without both, I suppose.