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In Topic: Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

21 November 2014 - 08:58 AM

Thanks for your suggestions guys. I installed the mirrors and the window switch you suggested and everything is now working fine.


Just some notes,


* The mirrors i mentioned above are in fact powerfold. One of them is -LF and i don't recall the other.

* They did have 9 wires, so i guess that could be an indication that they fold.

* LHD mirror glasses have different zoom to the ones used in RHD cars. I had to replace the glasses with my existing ones.


I now need just the UCDS adaptor to complete this mod.


Did i read correctly on their website, that their software charges you €10 each time you apply some of the main operations? Also, i believe they no longer sell them, until they receive the new chips. Is that right?

In Topic: Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

16 October 2014 - 01:59 PM

Thanks for your responses guys.


My window switch has three pins too, so i'm guessing it's just a matter of its firmware. Internally it seems like a remote and there isn't anything obvious missing, or any blank spots that would give it the powerfold function.


I'll be adding the missing wire today as i just received the needed Dupont terminals... I'll also order the switch so i can test once it arrives.


If anyone closer to Manchester has a UCDS adapter it would be great, alternatively, i'll eventually bug Terry for that.

In Topic: Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

12 October 2014 - 06:23 PM

Have i mentioned the car is a LHD? I did some more digging today and i came across the following:


There is no plug hidden anywhere that would power the mirrors switch.

There is no wire going to DDM (black) location 17

There is no wire on location 8 on the mirror plug and the DDM (blue) location 14

There is no relay at the back seats. I'm not sure if there should be one, but i read that it's needed and is located under the carpet at the rear door. Is this right?


It's probably going to be a bit harder than i thought. I do like the idea, of getting the window switch, but i'd firstly make sure mine doesn't work.


Its strange tho that Mcat shows some switches at around £120 whereas the one you suggested is only £50, even though it states power fold. Ford works in mysterious ways...


I take it the UCDS is different to the modified ELM right?

In Topic: Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

10 October 2014 - 11:47 PM

Yes, i've got all 4 windows with one-touch up and down. Since it's a fully populated switch, i was hoping it would act as powerfold too.


I have the correct modules (PDM and DDM?) and i only miss the wire between them and the mirror. I also miss the wires that go to the fold switch.


Ideally, i would like to have them folding with the switch, but also working with lock/unlock as I can currently open and close all windows and sunroof with the remote.

In Topic: Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

10 October 2014 - 07:10 PM

Guys, I finally came across some mirrors that i'm 99% sure are powerfold. They are not TF but LF so I dismandled them and noticed two wires going to the place where the folding mechanism is. They also have 9 wires attached to them, so i'm feeling confident.


I've enabled puddle and powerfold and when plugged in, puddle worked fine. I've got the 4 window switch and i was hoping it would also fold, but obviously it didn't.


I purchased the simple switch, without the alarm bit. After i took the door card out, i couldn't find a wire that would plug to it. Could it be behind the large metal door card?


1. Any ideas where to look for it, or how to wire it? It has 3 pins and one is the signal which is described on the first posts, but i still need the other two.

2. I also tried to take apart the window mechanism hoping that i could somehow convert it to a powerfold switch as in RS, but my electronics skills are not that great and i couldn't see how to do it.


any ideas welcome