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Mk2.5 Engine Number Location?

27 February 2014 - 09:28 AM

Can anyone help me locate the engine number on a 2010 MK2.5?


I've read about being part of the VIN number, but i'm not 100% if that's true...



Mk2.5 (2010) Retrofit Armrest

12 April 2013 - 09:42 AM

Hello guys,


I've recently started a project to retrofit an armrest to my Mk2.5 (facelift) focus.


My first attempt was with a console that came from a MK2 focus, however i later realised that this was not suitable for my car because the top part around the gear stick was glued in place. My car is a RHD and the part ordered was for a LHD (silly me).


For my second attempt, i ordered a console with armrest from a Mk2.5 which did not include the part around the gear stick and the cup holders. I am hoping that this will suit both RHD and LHD.


My questions are as following:


1. Will it fit? In this version of the arm rest, there is no note about the location of the steering wheel as you would find in previous versions.

2. Does anyone know the product code for a console top part (something like this) but not in carbon and in LHD version? I cannot find such a part on eBay so i'll probably try at a dealer. Is the price reasonable, or is it extremely expensive?

3. Does the lid below the ashtray come as extra? Do you have a product code and price?

4. The console i received had some wiring for a FoMoCo 8M5T-15K603-KA. This is some sort of an antenna. Any idea what it is?

5. The console also has wiring for a cig lighter under the arm rest. The other side of this loom has some sort of a plug. Do you think it will be a case of plug-and-play or will i need special wiring to make the lighter work?


Thanks for reading. Any help will be much appreciated.