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Mk2 - P0359 Coil Faut!

26 November 2014 - 11:55 PM

Hi gents n ladies,


I heard a hissing noise on the car this evening when I started it and was cold, was laud at first then dampened down the noise but I could still hear it...


Went home and plugged it in and given me the following fault code:


P0359 - Ignition coil I primary/secondary circuit.


I had a read in this link to see how bad it is: http://www.obd-codes...my car for now.


Just need some help on if it is a job that I can fix myself and what parts I need to do it?!


If there is any guide that can help that will be great.


Thank you and look forward to hear from you..

Help To Identify An Air Hose Part And Shop?!

12 November 2014 - 03:21 PM



Realised I got a hose split, can you please identify this part; part number & description please?


Also where is the best place to shop focus genuine parts at reasonable prices? Seen many parts online but not sure how genuine are they!


Thank you and appreciate a quick answer.





Focus 2005 Mk2 1.8Tdci With Egr Valve Fault!

04 September 2014 - 08:54 AM

Hello to you focus enthusiasts,


After owning a focus for over two years I can't classify myself as enthusiast anymore, more like frustrated of owning a money burner!


Anyway basically got an EGR intermittent fault on the car and is making the car run rough at times! Plugged it in with my scanner and showed Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor Circuit Low and took it to the main dealer to check and verify the fault and they basically said complete EGR needs replacing and will cost me around £1,000! I'd rather get rid of my car for that and get a reliable one with a decent badge, but am going through my last year of uni so can't think straight at the minute and concentrate on that so am wondering if I or a back door garage can do something to solve it for less and make the car last me for another year until I free myself!


Mind you I have already replaced the EGR valve two years ago but that was covered by the warranty from the car dealer and talking to the Ford mechanic he said it is a re-occuirng fault on the TDCI engine; GREAT!!! So my questions are:


1) Can I keep driving around with intermittent EGR fault on the car?

2) MOT is due in December, will an EGR fault will cause failure in the MOT on emmissions etc...?

3) Will cleaning the EGR valve solve the problem? If, yes is there a guide on here how to do it?

4) I leanrt that some poeple blank the EGR valve to bypass the problem! Do you recommend I do that? Will that affect car performance and the MOT? Is it expensive to do?


Appreicate your help on this one people...


Thanks in advance.

Guide To Change Glow Plugs On Mk2 1.8Tdci?

21 May 2014 - 09:16 AM



Wonder if you can help me please?


I have a Focus MK2 (2005) 1.8Tdci and had a limp mode issue with the car and got a   P0670 Glow Plug Control Module Circuit Fault DTC and took it to Ford this morning and confirmed it is a glow plug failure and needs replacing and been quoted £200, ridiculous!


Just shopping around to see which garage offers the best repair deal but in the meantime I know I'm an engineer and can do it myself but unfortunately not fully equipped with tools etc. but happy to do it if I can.


Can you please guide me or let me know if there is a guide on here on how to change the glow plug set, what tools are required and perhaps where is the best place to buy these parts online? Also wondering if I can still drive it in limp mode until I get the parts delivered?


Thanks and appreciate a quick response.


Look forward to hear from you...  

 P0670 DTC Glow Plug Control Module Circuit Fault

Read more at: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0670
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