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Is My Head Unit The Wrong Type?

02 April 2012 - 09:52 PM

Hi there everyone,

I have bought a 2009 Focus Zetec with sports pack but I cannot get the Voice or Bluetooth to work:

When I press the Voice button the headunit displays VOICE and the audio cuts out momentarily, say 1 second, there is never any voice coming through the speakers and the audio [music] comes straight back on and thats all that ever happens.

When I try to pair my mobile to the bluetooth the Ford Audio is detected by my phone but typing in 0000, 1234, 4444, 9999 just results in a message saying unable to pair, incorrect code [mobile is Motorola Atrix with Android 2.3 Gingerbread] I get the same with my wife's Samsung Solid M110. There are no phones in the headunit memory and the display on the headunit never changes to give any prompts for pairing [don't know if it should].

I have tried the following so far from reading other threads:

Removed the fuse for the headunit and left for 15 minutes, entered headunit unlock code and tried again with Voice and Bluetooth, still the same.

Hold the power button down on the headunit, it resets but still no change.

Disconnect the connector from the Nokia module behind the glovebox and left for over 9 hours, plugged back in and still no change. Tried this about 8 times now leaving disconnected for anything from 5 minutes to 3 hours, never makes any difference.

The only thing I can say is that the headunit does not appear to be the one that was originally fitted to the car, it is a Ford 6000CD but the serial number identifies it as being from a Volvo [according to the unlock code site I used, is this normal?] and it is a charcoal colour rather than the silver version but it has Ford on the front next to 6000cd but when I checked the vehicle ID within the headunit menu it listed a 57 plate car, mine is 09.

Everything else seems to be working and where the Bluetooth is visible makes it appear that the module is working.

Can it be that the headunit is incompatible?

I hope someone out there knows what's going on because I am really stuck with this :(