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Rear Wheel Bearing Change On Fiesta Mk6 - Help Needed Please

26 January 2012 - 10:31 PM

Trying to get the rear drum off my ford fiesta, but failing!
I have taken the wheel off the car then taken the castle nut and washer off the drum, and tried taking the drum off the stub axle to change the bearing. However, I'm failing to get the drum off. Is there a circlip retaining anything here? Or is it just stuck/siezed? Even tried using a 2-legged puller and broke one of the legs trying! There is a circlip included in the replacement bearing pack, but I assumed it would be for holding the bearing into the rear of the drum, not holding the drum onto the stub axle. Any help would be really appreciated as I need to get it changed ASAP - the noise has got really loud now and I'm a bit worried it might break.