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2005 Galaxy 1.9 Tdi Auto - Anyone Know What This 'fallen Off Part' Is?

23 August 2012 - 09:37 PM

Hi All,

My father in law recently noticed this lying underneath the engine'ish area, on his driveway.

He's a bit concerned that it's come off of his car, but the garages we've asked so far can't determine what it's for, including one who've had the Galaxy up on their ramp to have a 'nose around'.

...I tried to convince him it might not even be off his car (you never know ;) ), but was hoping one of you maybe able to put our minds at rest?

It's a small spring, with a plastic connector at one end (which appears to have small teeth inside of it, which may have gripped onto something at some point, with a small metal bracket on the other end.

All in all it's approx 12cm in length.

Any ideas anyone? B)