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Anyone Recomend A Decent Mechanic

09 February 2012 - 06:11 PM

in and around washington, tyne and wear
im looking for a good reliable mechanic, the one i used to use is retired now and ive a few jobs mounting up and dont want to pay dealer prices
im after a job done right and proper first time,
so if you can recomend anyone one whos either mobile, got a lockup somewhere or a good garage id appreciate it
cheers all


05 February 2012 - 08:29 PM

thought i should join , seeing as i own a ford, and clubs/forums are one of the best place for petrol heads
i now own a ford ranger 2004, its works plus personal use, ( i dont work that hard )
its not the first ford ive owned had a few
escort , escort xr3i , escort rs turbo, capri, focus, a granada and now the ranger, but being an X car sales man ive driven most fords from before 2003, plus ive owned and driven a fair few cars, plus modified a couple
and have to admit the ranger has to be one of my favorites
im an old-ish grumpy sod living in the north east, been a member of a few clubs plus committe member of a national club
never miss an episode of top gears , watch every car related tv program, basically a petrol head
so thats me and
hi to everyone

New Owner Shared Expeience

05 February 2012 - 08:09 PM

well being new to the ford ranger i thought id share my thoughts for any other potential buyers
ive owned mainly bigger cars, omegas, jags people carriers etc, plus a highly modified MX5 and a few other bits
after last christmas our other car ( a bmw ) just sat though the snow while the jag went everywhere (4wd)
so when it came time to replace the works van, i bought a 2004 ranger pick up with all the toys and leather (xlt thunder)
and to be honest
love it
its a bit old fashioned, bit bumpy, noisey, it aint fast,
but on a run its comfy and easy to just plod on at 60-70 mph with the music on
it does 30mpg average, got nearly 40 on a run
the boot (rear tub with a mountain top lid) is massive you get loads in and forget weight issues
my 78 year old mother in law loves it, more than the jag, and i have to carry a set of steps so she can climb in, bless her
ive put decent new tyres on it, serviced it replace the timing belt for my peace of mind and nothing else service wise
fitted an auto lights on kit (that was a pain) and a decent sony cd/radio

yes i will keep it, in a couple of years it will be replaced
for another pickup, and the ranger is first choice again