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Focus Mkiii - Positive And Negative Sides

21 July 2014 - 04:58 PM

Hello guys! I wasnt at this forum for a long time. But i'm still in to Fords. I drive a Fiesta mk7 and i'm happy with it and it has 82 Hp. But I drove my best man last wekeend in my Fiesta and I was a bit hard on the gas pedal, he was like What the hell? This car can drive, how much power does it have. After saying that it has 82 hp he was stunned by how the Fiesta can be fast. He liked it very much. But i got a little bit offtopic.

Reason why i opened this topic is because i'm looking in the new 1.0 ecoboost with 125 HP, even 100 hp engine is good to go. I like the car and even looking at the facelift that comes to Croatia from the begging of 2015.


I would like to read about this engine, what does the drivers of Focus say. Did they have any problems with it, are there positive and negative sides of the car, how does the engine behave when its overloaded, are there any problems in winter and is it reliable.

Every opinion is very welcome and you will help me a lot in creating a view of this new engine. Beacuse here in Croatia we are still new to this, and there are not so much people who made big mileage with there cars. Even drivers of C-max with this engine are of a help.


I'm not yet in a buying situtation of the car, but I'm in dillema between a ecoboost and a diesel with 115hp.


Thank you for your reply.