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In Topic: Reprogram auto wipers?

16 December 2008 - 12:35 AM

what does you handbook say?

Handbook says nothing about reprogramming - but it must be possible, surely?

In Topic: radio and odometer light stays on when i leave the vehicle

16 December 2008 - 12:33 AM


Yesterday i picked up a 55 plate focus with a 6000CD (with central volume control). The radio LCD screen light and the odometer light stay on when i take the key out of the ignition, leave and lock the car. Is this normal? does it automatically go off after a certain time? will this run the battery down?

any ideas how to deactivate this "feature"?

any ideas would be appreciated!



Yes I believe it is normal. my 58 plate does the same. it goes out after a while - if you look at it before pressing teh remote to open it tomorrow morning you should see it off. When you press teh remote it comes on.

In Topic: Fous mk2.5 engine pausing sometimes and poor auto wipers function

15 December 2008 - 10:27 AM

take it back and have your problems fixed under the warantee

Thanks guys. Trouble is two garages have looked at it - they cannot find any error codes or replicate the problem and therefore say that there is no problem - but they haven't driven the car for more than about half an hour each time. The first garage (from whom I bought it) appeared quite uninterested - they had the car for three weeks during which time it sat there doing nothing most of the time and they just gave me the run-around - not returning calls, referring me to Ford Customer Services and generally doing everything in their power to put me off.
With a second hand car you can take the car back and swap it for another within 30 days - but you don't have that right with a brand new car it seems. I tried to press them for a swap and after the run-around for a while, I went for a refund. But they won't do it claiming that there is no problem and are not interested.

In that period they looked at the car at least twice, and I have taken it to another local Ford garage and they have looked at it twice too. However in the last week the problem has happened twice in two days. I know its not me as each time I have my foot off the clutch pedal, the car in second gear and the accelerator down, then fully down when there is no response from the engine. And then of course whoosh! Off it goes.

I cannot quite see where I go from here - the second garage have arranged with me to take the car for a week and drive it day in day out to and from the mechanics' home and the garage. However thatís not until 5th Jan when they have a replacement Fiesta for me to drive.

I am not sure the sale of goods act actually helps me here at all as if Ford say that cannot fault the car then the "three faults and you're entitled to a refund" doesnít seem to count for anything.

I am left with a car which I have to pay for but which I don't trust and consider it a risk.