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Mk2.5 Focus 1.8 TDCi Diesel - problems problems...

10 February 2009 - 07:44 PM

Hi all,
I guess if you are reading this you already own a Ford focus. Hard luck. I will never buy one again as I consider I was driving a dangerous, substandard car, sold in my experience by an uncaring substandard manufacturer with a substandard dealership that is so low it is practically at the Earthís core.

Sadly I had to learn this from experience of buying a £15k 58 plate Titanium focus last October. The car itself has a very poor gear ratio it seems, lagging dreadfully in second gear and creating an unstable driving experience. I almost had an accident on a r/b when pulling out - pull away in first and then when changing into second the car just plods along as if you are in the wrong gear - so in an effort to get it to move you put your foot down (as panic begins to set it with oncoming cars bearing down on you). and this causes you to hurtle at unnerving speeds straight ahead towards the edge of the r/b because the carís engine finally kicks in and I barely got the car under control.

And what did the Ford dealership say - driver error. I have been a driver since 1984 and a Ford owner for teh last 16 years - I know how to drive a car - and this latest example is a death trap, IMO. Ford service were no help - they found no problem Ö officially. Unofficially they reckon they have felt a delay and Ford Technical put it down to possibly a high gear ratio. Unofficially.

What did the dealership say about it? The sales girl said that it was nothing to do with her because she is sales and referred me to the Service manager, who said he could find nothing wrong and referred me to the Sales Manager, who then referred me to Ford customer relationship centre, who referred me to the Service manager, who referred me to the Sales manager, who then couldn't even be bothered to return my calls - even after 4 phone calls to him. This took place over a period of weeks.

Ford Customer Relationship centre - I am still not sure just what they were supposed to be doing - they too seem to ignore calling me back for several times. Eventually they wrote to me advising me that they were to close their case on me as the dealership could find "no problem" ... officially. This is despite me still having the problem. So I am not entitled to a refund, a replacement car or anything. And that seems to bear out Ford - the typical view held by many - they appear totally uninterested in solving customers problems especially if it looks like you have found a flaw in their car's design.

This dealership at Swindon has been at best equivalent to the 1970's. They are certainly not a 21st century dealership thatís for sure. The word Customer and Service donít seem to be in their culture. They are very clever though - they appear to use misdirection and ignorance to good effect.

I will certainly never again buy a car from them again, I will never buy a Ford car again and I will never buy a brand new car again (it seems you have less 'practical' rights than you do a second hand one as Ford have supposedly a no quibble 30 day exchange on a Ford Direct used car. Buy the more expensive brand new car ... and you get a full quibble warranty - GUARANTEED it seems. This it seems to apply to most manufacturers I think.

My advice - go look at VW Golf. I did, and I am totally happy with my purchase. The engine quality is far superior than the Ford IMO. It sounds better, it has better build quailty, it delivers power better and provides a much smoother, more comfortable driving experience. IMO. And its safe!

The ford sounds awful (the engine sounds like it came from an old Transit), has poor sound proofing, the black windows obscure your vision so you cant see properly out of them and the doors sound tinny. It's like a Mickey Mouse car in comparison.

After 16 years being a Ford driver, Ford and their dealership completely destroyed my brand loyalty . I will never buy a Ford car again.

Reprogram auto wipers?

15 December 2008 - 11:01 AM

Focus mk2.5 - 58 plate - Do you know if I can (or Ford can) reprogram auto wipers so that they don't "auto". I would like them to be normal intermittent wipers instead as that seems to work efficiently (unlike auto wipers!!). The switchgear is exactly the same so I assume that there must be something that can either be plugged in or replaced behind the scenes to just reprogram it. The Ford garage I spoke to says they cannot be reprogrammed and that there is not an override for them.

Anyone know otherwise ????


Fous mk2.5 engine pausing sometimes and poor auto wipers function

14 December 2008 - 10:53 AM

I have a 58 plate focus with engine issues. It seems the car pauses itself at inopportune moments, sometimes, but not always. I have had at least 6 encounters whereby after changing up to 2nd gear and releasing the clutch, the car seems to pause when the accelerator is pressed. It waits about a second or so then ZOOM! Off it goes.
This led to a close shave on a roundabout recently where other cars had to slow down quickly to avoid hitting me. unfortunately two Ford garages cannot find the or replicate the problem - no error codes and they say the car is fine. Trouble is I don't want to carry on driving it seeing if this fault "develops" as they want me to, as I feel it is potentially very dangerous and donít want to risk me or my family.

Anyone experience something like this before? The salesman thought it might be the engine man agent system and it needed to be reprogrammed but the service area say not so.

Any suggestions on what I can do as the car drives very well except for this and a vibrating clutch which suddenly happened after 3 weeks and then since calmed down a bit, but I can still feel it on occasion.

Lastly auto wipers - had a new sensor fitted but it still donít seem to do the job. Can I override this and return to good old fashioned intermittent wipe that works efficiently and perfectly adequately?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.