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2005 Focus Handbrake Slipping

11 February 2012 - 11:55 AM

Morning all,

As mentioned elsewhere I have procured a 2005 Focus Zetec recently, yesterday to be precise, and am just getting used to the features, but one thing has me concerned, the handbrake. On slops around 30 degree, I pull the handbrake up as far as it goes but the car will still roll. Upon reading the owners manual, it says that I should leave it in gear (1st or reverse) and turn the wheel to the kerb. It also says that the handbrake button should not be depressed when engaging the handbrake, I was always told that racking up the handbrake was not good and leaving it in gear on hills was not good either.

So, is the rolling a sign off slack handbrake, should I take it back to have looked at? Or have I been using cars wrong all these years?

No Rear Speakers 6000Cd

10 February 2012 - 07:03 PM

Hi All,

Just bought a 2005 Focus Zetec (climate pack), and discovered no rear speakers. (I just !Removed!-umed it would have some), anyway, my questions are -
  • if I install some, will the head unit recognise them?
  • will I be able to use the fade/balance button?
  • does anyone know if any extra wiring would be necessary? as it is my understanding that the wiring for speakers/aux input is there, just not connected on some models
Thanks in advance for any help