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Zetec S Tdci, Upgrading Turbo..

24 August 2012 - 08:06 PM

was wondering if there was any guys on here with experiance on these 1600 pug engines.

i was told a while back that the fiesta engine could be upgraded slightly for a little more bottom end responce by upgrading the turbo to the 115bhp focus turbo though the injectors would need to be changed to the 155 brake injectors also to be able to supply fraction more fuel for the added boost.

i know theres not many would do it as its very costly for a turbo and 4 injectors but im in the position of being left the 115brake gear after doing an engine in a water damaged focus.

so my question is has anyone come across this before or has anyone ever done it before.

2005 Zetec S Tdci Retrofits/mods Advice.

16 February 2012 - 11:41 PM

hi i bought the wife a 05 zetec s tdci as her first car or her own, exterior i have put in the facelift lights, it already had side skirts and alloys done, and has had st ott and side stripes and from size and design id go as far as to say they are fo mo co stripes. inside it has had the centre console blacked, st kick/scuff plates and leather and sports gear nob and gator, silver grab handles. mechanicly i replaced cam belt done full service replace air box mount rubbers and put in new coil springs and shocks as theres high miles on the car so basicly tightend the drive all up and runs really well. so what im looking to know is if anyone else has any ideas so as i can add little bits into it also, im not really worried about the brake upgrades or any lowering etc as wouldnt do any benifit to her, any imput would be great.. thanks in advance.