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Yesterday, 10:42 PM

Being amazed by what people can do....

How can you get **** on the toilet seat in the gym...?!? I mean really...

And if you do, why wouldn't you like... Wipe it off?!?

People amaze me how disgusting they are...

It doesn't affect me, I used a different one haha, but some bloke has to clean that up....dirty plebs...

In Topic: Things I Don't Like

Yesterday, 09:31 AM

Emmets, who needs them.

Cornwalls tourist industry? :/

Iantt that's daft of the airport, surely there must be some poor sod wondering around looking for their bag too.... No way of a staff member literally just doing a swap? I guess no one wants to upset someone and do their job, they might strike!

In Topic: Things I Do Like

31 July 2015 - 09:40 AM

Wrong thread to say that I don't like that my fiancée has gone to parents to sort out wedding stuff (allll byyy myyyyseeeelf)...

....but the silver lining is that I can hit up toby carvery breakfast!!!

In Topic: Things I Don't Like

28 July 2015 - 07:11 PM

Check that the signs are completely legible, lines are clear and unworn and if continuous bays that the end lines are only single ones.
If any of these are not correct then you have grounds for appeal.
PCC are notoriously slack at keeping parking bays up to standard.

Will check, but I reckon this is probably the one road where all is well....knowing my luck...

I've calmed down a bit from it now, had a good shout at some silly aire sole who pulled out on me then gave ME the finger... So it's relaxed me somewhat, luckily he wasn't bigger or harder than me, otherwise he might have helped me lie down and have a doze too...

In Topic: Things I Don't Like

28 July 2015 - 06:34 PM

Those silly sausage's that go round sticking these on cars!

Parked up last night and completely forgot about it today... I know for a fact the road is empty during the day and so I'd not have used up anyone's precious spot! What a piece !cheeessee!