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Today, 07:23 PM

Yeah I am disappointed overall, but I'm not angry. I'm very much understanding the reasons she doesn't want to say anything, though I am annoyed they (sorry... He) made the decision to have put my car in the middle of it. In this case we are both victims, though for me a bit of scratched metal is the much lesser victim, by all accounts this poor woman is in a much worse state than my car.

I hope he gets his comeuppance.

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It's awful, that's what makes me angry though, to think that poor woman is in such a state that she can't turn him in, even after what he's done!!

I clown around with my wife to be, firing nerf guns or something daft, I'd feel awful if I hurt her (other than the sting of a well fired nerf dart :lol:) but to use a fist or something and draw blood >.< makes me feel sick!

Yeh hopefully that POS ends up in a cell with some very affectionate, well endowed room mates!

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Today, 04:24 PM

Ah....that makes things a lot more challenging! Although it makes me more annoyed to know some coward is getting away with that! My sister was married to a man that was an emotional leech, and emotionally draining, but luckily he never laid a hand on her like that, otherwise I suspect I'd be in a long line of family members getting questioned....

Disgusting behaviour from the man! Let me guess "I'm sorry love.."...here it comes.."BUT you made me so angry etc". What is the phrase, never spoil an apology with an excuse!

My sisters ex cheated on her for a year and he gave a "sorry, but" excuse!

Weak creatures make me disgusted!

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Today, 04:01 PM

I love vetting good mileage too, even with extra dead weight in the boot, I can still get mostly 600 miles out of all tanks some going to 750 to 800

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Most people put kids in the rear seats....

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Today, 04:00 PM

I don't like that the police have got nowhere to go with their investigation ad the victim is refusing to help with their enquiries, and the local CCTV doesn't work! So that's me fixing the scratches and dings were possible and trying to make the most of a bad situation...

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What a crock of ****!

The 'victim' is surely aiding a criminal! Fine if he doesn't want to press charges for injuries or whatever, but by not fessing up to whodunit, he's helping the guy get away with it!

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Today, 01:39 PM

The work one feels very different.
It's a lot heavier at the back so far less chuckable and a pig to park.
It's getting a bit scuffed around the edges too due to being used by me and another handler in rotation.
It's over 3 years old now so may need changing shortly.