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Yesterday, 11:15 PM


Commercial Director in the engineering sector


Hmmm, being a Company Director hasn't appeared to lower mine all that much, unless of course it is simply just the area...

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Yesterday, 08:23 PM

What about home steamed things?  Like the spotted !Removed! (Richard, if the censor software removes it) I've got under way in on the hob

I am physically unable to read that pudding name either here or in a restaurant without giggling *shameface*

In Topic: Your Insurance Annual?

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

Well it actually went UP this year so I switched insurers to Adrian flux, and it came down again... I suppose area has a lot to do with it... The area I live in is very nice, but it doesn't stop the occasional !Removed! leaving an empty bottle of methadone on the street...

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26 November 2015 - 06:22 PM

I don't like Christmas.... I mean I do, but I hate the whole gimmicky rubbish and everything that tells us we HAVE to rush into town and buy buy buy.... For a start, it's not what Christmas is actually about, and secondly it just gets so rammed down our throats that I get less jolly each year....

If I can stay out of town until Dec 10th or something, then I get jolly, but when I'm faced with Christmas mobs in November I just want to rage...

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26 November 2015 - 10:53 AM

You know what you are 100%,the person said that it aint covered under warranty but seen its only 2 hours old
its ok.
Thats bad i think,you watch a film and when a dark/black back ground you get a white dot.

Would it not have been covered under a form of returns policy anyway? Don't we as buyers automatically get to return a product that is faulty?