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What Colour Is My Ford?

12 February 2012 - 08:26 PM

Does anyone know what colour it is? I mean what Ford call it? It was advertised by the private owner as "Tango-red" its that sort of orangy reddy colour...

Hopefully you can tell by the pics :/

Its a 57 reg Ford Focus Style... if that helps :/
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Hey Guys :)

12 February 2012 - 02:41 PM

Hey all, I'm Ianb

New to Fords (as of august last year), new to the website...

ummm, no mods done by me, probably won't do much (if any) I like the idea I saw of changing the air system knobs...

The pictures below were taken by the previous owner to put on his ad, I copied them online and saved them and have since wiped the plate. I haven't taken many pictures of it since actually... a couple with my phone but thats it :/ how bad...

As you can see it has Zetec alloys (although it is a Style) the previous owner bought 5 alloys and replaced the space saver with one of them.. I have them all at no extra cost (very generous chap!) and he gave me the space saver as well...

The front has foglights which i believe are an extra on the style model so I am grateful to whoever got those installed... any suggestions would be nice :)

I'm thinking also of getting the rear windows all tinted, probably as dark as I can, however that is pending a bit of $$$$ (or £££ whichever is more useful) and also a phone call to the insurance company to check if they will accept it.
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