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Good Garages In Plymouth?

18 August 2014 - 11:50 PM

Hey guys,


I'll be moving to Plymouth on the 1st of September and lucky me, the MOT is due on the 10th of Sept, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent garage around the Plymouth area. I'll be living near the Hoe, not that it matters where the garage is so much I suppose as I can always cycle around or taxi or bus in the meantime.


I've dealt with a small back alley garage in Plymouth in the past and they neglected to tell me they snapped a nut off in the hub (and hid the broken end in the hub cap!).. Not that they'd do MOT's anyway...


Also, if anyone knows of a decent garage for general 'stuff' (if they don't do MOT's) I'd be really appreciative.

Good Insurance Companies?

16 August 2014 - 04:18 PM

Hey guys, time of the year for insurance renewal so as usual I go on all the comparison sites and then if I find quotes I like I go to the companies directly...


BUT I'm getting more and more quotes from companies I've never heard of and less and less from the usual ones...


on go compare my top results are:

LVE Liverpool Victoria - £239.74

Kwik fit - £246.97

Performance direct - £253


a few others..


Grove and Dean - £281 They've got ticks on everything: legal assistance, courtesy car, protected NCB, windscreen cover etc.. Tempting...


I mean I'm normally with Admiral but they want to stiff me near £400 squideroo's


Temptation is to click on the cheapest and buy buy buy, but I know no insurance companies want to pay out, but you feel more 'support' with some of the bigger names...


Flux direct on the comparison site (Adrian Flux?) wants near £370...


I'm driving a 1.6tdci estate for crying out loud, I've got 9 years no claims (been driving 9 years) and no convictions, mum's on the insurance with her 25+ ncb, no accidents etc, ...What else can a man do?  :angry:

Stubby Aerial?

16 August 2014 - 03:23 PM

Anyone know of or have a good stubby aerial? It's quite common I'm throwing the kayak on the roof (on roof bars mind)... and it's been a long time that I've actually put the aerial on the car...


I know stubby aerials tend not to get as good reception, but surely they're better than no aerial..


So any ideas?

Advice On How To Go About This?

16 August 2014 - 11:39 AM

Hi guys, I'm a bit unsure whether to unleash my fury or remain a meek and gentile person when emailing this local garage...


I am on a small island in the Channel islands, 9x5 miles at the moment (so bear in mind word spreads like fire, reputations can be easily damaged!), I bought a 'package' off this local garage which included a full service and valet. It was carried out in March.


The car looked good when I got it back, cost me a fair bit as they recommended a tyre change (I agree with that) but they got me decent tyres at a good price so I went for it...


Anyway, 2 weeks or so ago I was washing the car (first time in a long time) when I came across two nasty dents on the passenger side skirt, I basically concluded that some useless sphincter had jacked up my car using the body work rather than the correct jack points....


I emailed them telling them I was pretty miffed about this and that I would have been a lot less angry had they told me at the time - also mentioned that they could have at least done it the whole way round to make it symmetrical!... I told them this was the last time the car was jacked up, so that is why I KNOW it was them.


I got an email back from their managing director (she actually has a couple businesses over here, so she has her reputation to keep perhaps?) saying she would investigate... that was now 2 weeks ago (just over)...


So now do I reply saying 'I guess your investigation has proved inconclusive' and kick up a fuss, or should I remain humble and meek....


Also part of the service was to 'check cabin filter' (check...what a bunch of gits!), I've 'checked' it now myself and it's filthy and dated 2012!! I was going to write in that 'perhaps I am being cynical if I say I doubt it was checked as there is no way it could get that filthy in the 5 months between the service and now' or whether being calm might get me a better result??


Sorry for the life story ^^^

Smelly Aircon

15 August 2014 - 02:25 PM

Hi guys, very recently my car a/c has started to become quite smelly... It's normally the first 30 seconds or so of using it that I get a real nasty stink, then eventually it goes and everything is normal. I know that parts of the A/C are prone to harbouring fungus and bacteria etc and as I don't particularly want to develop some sort of superbacteria thing I'd like to get rid of it. I'm just wondering what I might need to do. I've heard about these canisters you buy and you put the car a/c on, and recirculation on and then let it rip...ahem.. but I'm not sure where to get them (do most auto shops have these?) Thanks