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Health And Safety Advice For Employers?

30 January 2015 - 02:49 PM

Hey guys, got a few questions,


I'm not sure if anyone here would be able to help but it's worth a try..




As did many people, I got taught to use power tools, cutters, drills, etc at school (design and technology) and by my dad and so far through my life I've not had any near misses or anything.. I still have all fingers and no scars (from power tools anyway!)...


Dilemma: So, I currently have a member of staff who was also trained by HIS dad for many years back in his home country (Hungary) his dad is a builder I believe.. But when it comes to power tools and 'training and safety' etc... Am I able to realistically let this guy use the stuff? If I tell him to wear a dust mask, eye protection, give him the instruction manual watch over him a couple times to make sure he doesn't do anything daft and I make sure the machinery is in good nick would I be somewhat covered? Provided he is comfortable to use it that is... I would never force him to use it, or put him in a position where he'd be in trouble if he didn't etc...


Any ideas?


The law is kinda confusing on that part...

It's Been An Interesting Week..

16 January 2015 - 04:19 PM

Well well well, as we near the end of the week (for some) I thought to myself "it's been a busy one".. Ignoring the work side.. I'm talking about the driving side..

A) walked across the fuel station and got reversed into by a focus who wasn't 'quite close to the pump'...
B ) got cut up by a BMW... Frankly I wasn't so mad about it because this one had working indicators... Unfortunately I suppose visible mirrors may have been traded for the indicators...
C) Came across a midget L200 - not sure why they did what they did but who am I to argue (offroaders maybe?)

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D) got cut up by a corsa.. Who'd a thought, they swiftly signalled an apology...
E) filtering part of the road and some pleb in an Astra wasn't going to let me in, so put my foot down and get ahead of the car in front of him.. Signalled an alternative to an apology to him.
F) some prat in a Chelsea tractor nearly squashed my car into an island because he was unable to stay in his lane...
G) Saw a Vauxhall taxi driver giving his details to a mondeo owner after reversing into his car..

Probably more, but all in all I think I've had enough incidents for the year all in this week... Fortunately no contact anywhere on my car... Just me being clocked by a focus at the petrol station..

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Drove Something A Bit Different The Other Day...

28 December 2014 - 10:01 AM

...a VW camper... And tbf it was blooming awesome! Like an idiot I didn't get any pictures of it, but my word did it shift! Found out its a 2.5 litre engine! It was great fun, over taking little hatchbacks in my campervan :lol:

Highly recommend the company if anyone fancies a renting a camper near North Devon (obv you can take it all over England but they're based there) - called Vanquest, van was called Rufus, also they let us take the dog too, for a small charge :)

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Car Settings..

28 December 2014 - 09:32 AM

Well I suppose this is a bit 'ford related' but as it's just a bit of randomness I thought maybe its better in general.

So what settings have you got on your cars basic menu...

I've got a mk2 so I can change a couple things but off the top of my head my steering is on 'sport' and I have 'chime' turned on.

Actually, anyone here NOT got their steering on sport? It was the first thing I changed, my Clio had no power steering so comfort setting felt very wrong for me.

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Kynaston Auto Bodies - Exeter

23 December 2014 - 08:21 PM

Avoid like the f*****g plague!

Honestly the only thing that stopped me unleashed hell down the phone was the fact my fiancée was sitting next to me and I try my best (and often fail) to be calmer and less colourful around her! The other thing that stopped me driving to Exeter and taking an enormous **** on someone's car was the amount of Christmas traffic...

For those that don't know, a lorry (fairly gently) reversed into my car... This damaged 3 things:
Cracked number plate
Bent bonnet (with chipped paint)
Damaged Ford badge - aesthetics

I dropped my car off at those cowboys only to get it back with 3 problems (strange eh!):
Flaking paint on edge of bonnet
Flip badge not flipping as well as before
Rear bumper now has peeling lacquer?!?!?

When I picked the car up the guy said he will get in touch on Monday about the peeling lacquer (hadn't noticed the rest at this point!) so Monday came and went... Phoned them today and got called back with the answer:

'I cannot entertain the peeling lacquer on the rear bumper' ???? You f*****g what?!?!! I don't need you to wine and dine the !Removed! thing, just fix it!

'We didn't touch the rear bumper' ah ok, so I've got the worlds first self cleaning ford focus then have I??? It just cleans itself...

Oh and the badge, well the badge mechanism is inside the grille, we didn't touch the grille so not our fault...

Oh the bonnet.. Well yes, we sprayed that, so if there is any paint faults we'll fix it "I guess"... You !Removed! guess?!?!?!?

Honestly I'm aware people probably try !Removed! on with these companies but I can point out 3-4 marks on the car (or more) which I have no intention of making them fix as they were nothing to do with the job...

Oh his answer "it's a 57 plate focus... Wear and tear"

!Removed! me I'm livid!

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