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Kynaston Auto Bodies - Exeter

23 December 2014 - 08:21 PM

Avoid like the f*****g plague!

Honestly the only thing that stopped me unleashed hell down the phone was the fact my fiancée was sitting next to me and I try my best (and often fail) to be calmer and less colourful around her! The other thing that stopped me driving to Exeter and taking an enormous **** on someone's car was the amount of Christmas traffic...

For those that don't know, a lorry (fairly gently) reversed into my car... This damaged 3 things:
Cracked number plate
Bent bonnet (with chipped paint)
Damaged Ford badge - aesthetics

I dropped my car off at those cowboys only to get it back with 3 problems (strange eh!):
Flaking paint on edge of bonnet
Flip badge not flipping as well as before
Rear bumper now has peeling lacquer?!?!?

When I picked the car up the guy said he will get in touch on Monday about the peeling lacquer (hadn't noticed the rest at this point!) so Monday came and went... Phoned them today and got called back with the answer:

'I cannot entertain the peeling lacquer on the rear bumper' ???? You f*****g what?!?!! I don't need you to wine and dine the !Removed! thing, just fix it!

'We didn't touch the rear bumper' ah ok, so I've got the worlds first self cleaning ford focus then have I??? It just cleans itself...

Oh and the badge, well the badge mechanism is inside the grille, we didn't touch the grille so not our fault...

Oh the bonnet.. Well yes, we sprayed that, so if there is any paint faults we'll fix it "I guess"... You !Removed! guess?!?!?!?

Honestly I'm aware people probably try !Removed! on with these companies but I can point out 3-4 marks on the car (or more) which I have no intention of making them fix as they were nothing to do with the job...

Oh his answer "it's a 57 plate focus... Wear and tear"

!Removed! me I'm livid!

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What A Historic Mark...

17 December 2014 - 07:35 PM

Those with somewhat 'current affairs' or 'political interest' may have read in the news that allegations of murder, torture etc against British soldiers have been found to be false... How much did proving this cost us; the tax payer? £31m!!! Or for those that like seeing numbers that's £31,000,000...

Interesting enough how if you got a bit peeved with a neighbour and took them to court and lost, you'd be looking at footing the bill... Well why aren't the geniuses that fronted the accusations being asked for a cheque???

Anyway, soldiers were found to have mistreated some of the detainees, but not on purpose...how did they mistreat them? Well, here are some examples:

•" They should not have been deprived of sleep before they were questioned or SHOUTED at during interrogation

It also described as "ill treatment" an interrogator banging a tent peg on a table and walking around a blindfolded detainee blowing on the back of his neck."

Heaven forbid I get captured by the British forces and someone 'shouts at me!' Or blows on the back of my neck.... I mean those sound like pretty horrific techniques... Do they mean to say that if I was lucky enough to survive taking potshots at soldiers I might be subjected to neck blowing and or shouting? Outrageous!!!

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Writing Emails Whilst Very Enraged/sleepy..is It A Good Idea?

15 December 2014 - 01:35 PM

Haha, welll....


We're signed up to a few wholesalers and one in particular enjoys sending me text messages with info about offers... they're fairly irrelevant but you never know, so I let them continue...


Anyway, it was a Sunday morning at 4:47am!!! When my phone went off.... because of the nature of our business I'm fairly in tune with the sounds and I get woken quite easily by texts or phone calls (Alarms don't tend to do much though :lol: )


So anyway, I grumpily/drowsily looked at my phone thinking "oh great what now?" only to read that it was a notification about some offer that was lasting a week etc...


I'll admit I raged...I was knackered having less than 4 hours sleep the previous night, going to sleep late Saturday night and knowing what my Sunday was going to involve, I was less tolerable!


So customer services was on the receiving end of my wrath in the form of an email... I'll let you all in on it:


"Is their any reason why you clowns are texting me at 4.47am on a Sunday morning to tell me there is 1 week left on some offer you have??!?!? 


Good job there is a _____ across the road that I can go to when you halfwits take the p**s!"


Well naturally I felt complete after firing that off and I fell asleep again... thus forgetting about it completely... it was only this morning when I got an email back that I remembered the whole event... some poor bloke was on the receiving end of it and wrote back:


"Hi Ian,

Thank you for highlighting this and I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

All our text messages are scheduled to go out at 4:30pm, but admin error resulted the messages going out at 4:30am. We have put a check in place that this doesn't happen again.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on __________.

Best regards"


I've got to say I do feel somewhat embarrassed by the rant, but I do blame fatigue. Anyone else have any stories of sleepy or drunken complaints that you feel a tad embarrassed by later on?

Seat Covers?

04 December 2014 - 10:13 AM

Anyone know where I can get some fairly decent waterproof ones? I'm not looking to pay the earth... in fact if I can get them for £15-20 I'd be thrilled, I just can't stand these 'splash proof' types... I stick something like that on the seats, wet dog jumps in, get dog out later move the cover and there is a damp area where it's soaked through!!!!


Any suggestions would be great.


Also... I just rug doctored my seats (bad time of the year I know, but they were bad and I had the rug doctor handy sooo...yeh...) and anyway, I have to go pick up the future mother in law... so having a dry patch to sit on might be better :lol:

All The Room In The World....

03 December 2014 - 03:33 PM

...and he decides to park his lorry on my bonnet Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1417620313.360932.jpg   110.65KB   48 downloads

Fortunately damage not too bad... Although he gave over insurance etc so if he mashed the front at least I could have had that CC bumper :lol:

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