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Well Then.... Not That I Ever Needed A Reason Not To Eat Them...

24 July 2015 - 11:23 AM

Apparently oysters have not been using protection...

Line Between Tolerance And Violence..

18 July 2015 - 10:03 AM

Had an interesting conversation earlier and it really got me thinking about the line between the two views or actions or w/e you want to call them...

I know a lot of people who are very forgiving of anything/everything. I try to be forgiving, but I don't think I'm brilliant at it, it takes me some time - I'm in control of my aggression in day to day life, as I can wait until I'm out of ear shot and vent to myself, or walk away to calm down.. So I wouldn't call myself overly tolerant, however I can fake tolerance until the real thing kicks in, in order to keep the peace...

But some people can't, take the poor gent stabbed to death due to apparent road rage... (what possessed someone to think they'd ever have a life after stabbing someone like that is beyond me...)

But then, going back, I can indeed fake tolerance (I guess others can), but keep pushing people or don't let them 'walk away' and suddenly they can go from 'apparent tolerance, to obvious violence'....

It makes me concerned about our country on a whole, are we violent or tolerant...and if we're tolerant, will we snap? Will the snap be overly unpleasant, should we have ditched tolerance and remained semi aggressive, that way reactions wouldn't be overreactions?

I can think of many small and large subjects that the above applies to; to name a few:

Religious extremism, this could boil over and affect non extremists.
Immigration - look at how nasty Russia has become towards immigrants or even just foreign students.
Criminals reoffending, when do we say enough is enough?

Mid: read about a holocaust survivor who met this latest convicted
!potato! and forgave him because she believes more can be achieved with forgiveness, not anger.

Smaller scales are in our own personal lives:
Work? Colleagues? Driving (Road rage)? Customer services?

Anyway, my brains having a wonder around and that's the road map...

Police Too Heavy Handed??

16 July 2015 - 11:15 PM

Tasered men awarded payout by Dorset Police - http://www.bbc.co.uk...dorset-33547218

You decide... Personally I'd like to see the build up, but they way those guys were kicking off, I'd say it was totally justified...edit: (Tasering was justified, not the payout..)

I don't understand this world... Appear to act like an aggressive tool, struggle, argue etc, get Tasered, get money.... Should have been thrown out of court and given an extra Tasering for good measure!

"yay, we beat the police and the system, better get my moaning cap for when I dial 999 and wonder why they don't appear instantly!"

What Is That 'random Removed Posts Thread'???

15 July 2015 - 09:20 AM

Keeps cropping up in my feed on participated threads, but I can't view it :/

Trés confuzzled! - French for 'wtf is going on'...

In The Car For 3 Days Crash..

13 July 2015 - 10:19 AM

So most of you must have heard of this incident by now, bloke and his partner driving along, crash and found 3 days later (now both dead) BUT, the police had been informed of a car off the road but had not had the info passed on, so it was never checked out....

...there is big uproar by the families etc and in some ways rightly so... But...

...are we all getting a little less responsible for our actions?

I mean yes, most of us are paying taxes, which some goes to police, and therefore we sort of expect them to be there when we call/need them.. But does that leave us blameless and care free?

I'm trying to write this carefully so as not to offend, but, we might (rightly or wrongly) assume that the male driver crashed due to his own error..now granted the police should have checked, but if they wanted to, they could kind of turn around and say, "well maybe he shouldn't have crashed"

I know I sound really insensitive and maybe it doesn't apply here, but I find this sue culture we're in, is sort of allowing people to be careless because we know someone will help us out..

Slightly different scenario, but:
Tripping on a curb = sue the council.... Well, if you're walking on the moorland or a cliff, you'd watch where you put your feet, so why not normally?