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Diesel Is Cheaper Than Petrol

12 August 2015 - 06:56 PM

Nearly had a heart attack the other day. I'm so used to just reading the most expensive price on the signs as I drive around and so when I saw 113 and 107 as I drove in to fuel up I expected the former to be diesel prices...


About 10 seconds into refuelling my heart nearly stopped when I read 1.07 on the pump, I thought I was putting petrol into my diesel!!!


I see it's down to about 106 in certain places.

I Can't Understand Some Drivers...

10 August 2015 - 07:45 AM

I bet I'm a sort of driver that bugs some of you, I'm the sort of person that drives to the speed limits, so if I'm told it's a 30zone I will do 30...but these other kind and I'm sure there are a couple on FOC really irritate the pea eye double ess out of me!

Drove up to see the parents on the weekend and it's a twisty single carriageway A road I need to take, it goes through villages and towns, for the most part it's a fun drive, I doubt the most fuel efficient encouraging drive because of the tight corners and banked bits, it's fun... But some people drive me insane...

I'm there steaming along and zoink, stuck, somebody is trundling along at 35-45 mph in a '60' zone, now don't get me wrong, you might not be comfortable pushing it, you might not know the road etc... Then you hit a small village and it's a 30 zone... So it's a Sunday, it's a nice day, balloons tied to things, therefore evidence of kids and these people continue at their 35-45 speed... They put some distance between me and them so that when it hits the 60 zone again I have to catch them up and miss a few overtaking spots....

I don't understand their brains...they're not comfortable to keep good speed, but they're comfortable to speed through sleepy villages...

Motorways or even the 60 zones I can understand speeding more so, as technically it's out of the way of pedestrians etc, but small villages/towns etc?! Just madness...

What A Joke!

07 August 2015 - 06:56 PM

Got to hand it to Admiral, they've opened up a new comedy department and let them loose on the renewal quotes! Some funny **** there!


I'm livid... Admiral as you may or may not know, send you out an automatic email renewal and then I believe they actually go ahead and process that when the time comes *Avoided that fortunately!


So anyway, I do the clickety click thing open up my renewal policy and it's: ~ £468......


Now to put things into perspective.. I have been with Admiral for 3 or 4 years, I have 10 years no claims discount, I now have 1 incident on my file because an illegally parking truck driver reversed into my vacated legally parked car, he admitted full fault and blah blah blah, admirals useless garaged w****d up my car in the process of 'fixing it' and never accepted fault.... *back on topic Ian*.. so yeh, 10 years no claims, and last year my premium? £288..... Admiral want to charge me £180 over last year?!?!? I have no convictions no anythings and they want to screw me over???


So anyway, phoned them up and the lovely lady on the phone tells me that it's all generated automatically - alright, fair enough I suppose. She tells me she can apply some loyalty discount or some BS... woopdedoo.. it's down to £380... I laughed... I asked her if she was having a fun time joking with me? She tweaked a few things and finally it's sitting at £314 or 318 or some danglies like that....


She asked me what I thought... I was composed enough not to scream abuse down the phone. I informed her that I thought it was a joke and that £314 was more than I paid last year even though I now had another successful years motoring under my belt... I told her that I accept markets move and that if I was paying the same as last year then so be it, but that the fact it's now pushed through the £300 mark is a joke. Then she told me she could add some kind of "lose a limb and win" sort of cover on there or something for free... when I told her how about she keeps that cover and just removes the amount it WOULD cost off the quote she told me she couldn't.


My word I'm livid. I mean why am I surprised?!? I chuckle as others go bat faeces crazy about their renewal quotes, but here I am shocked as ever.


Looks like I'm going to have to waste a lot of time shopping around *sigh*

Well Then.... Not That I Ever Needed A Reason Not To Eat Them...

24 July 2015 - 11:23 AM

Apparently oysters have not been using protection...

Line Between Tolerance And Violence..

18 July 2015 - 10:03 AM

Had an interesting conversation earlier and it really got me thinking about the line between the two views or actions or w/e you want to call them...

I know a lot of people who are very forgiving of anything/everything. I try to be forgiving, but I don't think I'm brilliant at it, it takes me some time - I'm in control of my aggression in day to day life, as I can wait until I'm out of ear shot and vent to myself, or walk away to calm down.. So I wouldn't call myself overly tolerant, however I can fake tolerance until the real thing kicks in, in order to keep the peace...

But some people can't, take the poor gent stabbed to death due to apparent road rage... (what possessed someone to think they'd ever have a life after stabbing someone like that is beyond me...)

But then, going back, I can indeed fake tolerance (I guess others can), but keep pushing people or don't let them 'walk away' and suddenly they can go from 'apparent tolerance, to obvious violence'....

It makes me concerned about our country on a whole, are we violent or tolerant...and if we're tolerant, will we snap? Will the snap be overly unpleasant, should we have ditched tolerance and remained semi aggressive, that way reactions wouldn't be overreactions?

I can think of many small and large subjects that the above applies to; to name a few:

Religious extremism, this could boil over and affect non extremists.
Immigration - look at how nasty Russia has become towards immigrants or even just foreign students.
Criminals reoffending, when do we say enough is enough?

Mid: read about a holocaust survivor who met this latest convicted
!potato! and forgave him because she believes more can be achieved with forgiveness, not anger.

Smaller scales are in our own personal lives:
Work? Colleagues? Driving (Road rage)? Customer services?

Anyway, my brains having a wonder around and that's the road map...