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How Do You Ensure You Don't Ruin The Headlight Level When You Change A Bulb Mk2?

Today, 12:15 PM

I need to change my sidelights, therefore I have to remove the headlight unit... but last time I think I messed up and had headlights all over the place, how do you guys do it? Or literally look where they are and do it the same?



Getting Married In 12 Days!

Yesterday, 04:28 PM

How scary/exciting!

No negative feelings about being married, but I'm dreading the speeches and the like!

Highway Code And Application

16 September 2015 - 02:13 PM

Sooooo, I had a quick search online but couldn't find the exact code, but I was thinking about the highway code and answers to questions and how it's sort of contradictory, when you're a picky person like me!

If someone is tailgating you then you are supposed to:
1) speed up
2) slow down
3) allow a bigger stopping distance between you and car in front....
Does that ring a bell?... But, isn't 2 and 3 sort of conducive of each other?

Also, what are people's views on zebra crossings? I'm a sort of mathematical guy, I don't like the sort of wishy washy answers which were given by my driving instructor when I questioned when to stop, "when you can see someone is going to cross"... Yeh, that's fine except for the time he told me off when someone was walking with their back to me up towards a crossing that I past before they got there...

So when do you stop? Or when are you supposed to stop?

I generally use a personal rule of when someone is about a metre or 2 with clear intentions of crossing... If someone has their back to me then I will drive until they appear to look for traffic.. I've had it before when I stopped (as driving instructor said) and the person walked straight past zebra crossing...

Vacuum Pump For Oil Change?

15 September 2015 - 10:39 PM

Hi guys,


Just wondering if anyone has one of these or has used one? Recently had the focus serviced (last week) and I'm about to blank the egr, and Lenny mentioned something about running some cheap oil through the engine with additives after blanking egr, then changing it for normal stuff, so I figured this could be an easy way to do it...


The reason for the pump rather than the traditional method of getting underneath is that I have no private space/drive etc to do anything, so I'd probably do it in a little area that comes close to blocking the neighbours parking and a pump would be a simple (and I assume quick) way of changing the oil without clogging up the area for them...


Thoughts, advice?

Migrant Crisis

11 September 2015 - 03:23 PM

As usual I guess I tend to bring up heavy topics....

I was reading the news about this Hungarian news reporter who was sacked for tripping a man carrying his son and running from the police - he was a migrant...

I'll avoid the 'should we accept migrants' debate for now, but this particular topic seems strange. This lady was sacked for tripping a man running from the police... Looking at that sentence, what if he was a bank robber outside a bank, would she be sacked? What if he was a child snatcher and had just grabbed that child in the street and she had the opportunity to trip him but didn't, wouldn't the world be questioning why she did nothing?

Like I said, migrants yes or no aside, this particular topic seems a little twisted out of shape..