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What Is This?

22 February 2015 - 03:13 PM

Removed headliner whilst trying to solve a leak, then at the front I found this wire taped by the courtesy light...watsit?

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Wiring For 6000Cd?

22 February 2015 - 02:47 PM

Trying to sort out why my rear speakers (both) have stopped working... One has come on again in the past but now both are silent... Need to get an idea of what wires are what behind the stereo (in the quad lock connection)...

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Auto Body Shop In Devon?

16 February 2015 - 04:36 PM

Hey guys, does anyone know a decent body shop in Devon, preferably in Plymouth or near Plymouth?

Long story, lorry backed into my car (front) went to autobody sh*t (not shop!) who stuffed up my rear bumper somehow... And in the process didn't fix the front properly either..(accepting shoddy front work but denying rear damage) had an independent assessor sent by the insurance company who said its nothing to do with the accident or the garage, so I'm left with the bill for fixing the rear..... So I need to take it to a decent body shop so that can give an assessment and price up fixing the front (not taking it back to the same place that effed up the rear of the car!!!!)

If anyone can recommend somewhere I'd be really grateful...

Thank you guys

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Leaking Estate :(

15 February 2015 - 06:30 PM

Hey guys, anyone else had this problem? In my estate after heavy rain I notice water/water marks on the luggage tonneau... I believe it's dripping from the vents in the rear quarters...

Any ideas?

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Saw A Crash Today, Fault?

14 February 2015 - 07:01 PM

Saw a crash today (mk3 focus rear ended an old Clio) - the interesting thing was that I couldn't pin who was entirely at fault...

Obviously the woman in the focus did crash into the back of the Clio... But did the Clio stop incorrectly?

Obviously hard to describe unless you know the area, but I'll do my best... (It was by the main road that runs along the range, heading into town by the junction that's overlooked by carpet right - if Clive knows..)

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The pic uploaded shows the layout of the road the 4 dots are traffic lights... I only mapped the ones on my side of the road (I was in the far left lane)...

The first set of lights are stopping traffic so the side road can join, the second lights are also linked to the first set, so I would always assume these were just big obvious 'pay attention' telling you the same thing lights... However today I saw that there is actually a pedestrian crossing there....

Anyway, so I was in the left hand and in the second lane, but ahead, was the Clio followed by the focus... They were ahead of me. The lights went from green to orange, I slowed as I was never going to make it, however both the Clio and focus pressed on.. They both passed through... However as they reached that second set (which I believed was just a repeat of the first set) the Clio put the brakes on.... Focus did not...

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That's how they ended up....

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So who was at fault? Should the Clio have stopped there? Surely he was going to block traffic coming from the 'other road'?

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