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In Topic: Ford Focus Mk2 Fl, St Line Project

19 November 2014 - 10:34 AM

Very nice!


An ST spoiler, de-badge the 'FOCUS' lettering from the tailgate, and a fit a right-hand drive reverse light would finish that rear end off nicely I reckon!

In Topic: Rs Led Rear Lights In Prefacelift Focus

19 November 2014 - 10:24 AM

I know scotch-locks can get a bad rep, especially from the purists, but they are handy as long as you make sure and use the proper size, line the wires up properly and make sure they make a good connection. I normally wrapped them in electrical tape then also for a wee bit of added insulation. As you say, saves you making clean cuts to any of the wires and do the job if you're not gonna be soldering. I've kinda switched to spade connectors this past while, easily reversible/removable and guaranteed good contact etc, but still would have no issues using scotch-locks.


I'd do exactly as you say, leave the spare black alone and was just gonna suggest insulating the other end of it, but you're already on it.


Tullyally are just typical old school over here, relying on rep and word of mouth I suppose...so many places here really missing a trick I reckon by not getting online. They stick some new arrivals on gumtree the odd time, but sure even if you ring about parts off one it's still a case of having to 'come look for yourself'!


I'm dying for a set of Recaros for my Mondeo but finding an ST for breaking over here is a rare sight. Private auction prices on the bay are pretty reasonable these days, but the only people who'd be arsed delivering something like an interior are the ones who are still charging top dollar. Praying to find one local just.


That Hyundai sounds a bad smash alright...suppose that's the point of the modern 'crumple zones' though isn't it, to absorb the energy of the crash.


Keep us posted with the progress on the lights sure and getting the parts from Ford!

In Topic: Rs Led Rear Lights In Prefacelift Focus

18 November 2014 - 08:48 PM

Ok, thanks, this is sounding not so daunting anymore lol yea Tullyally, nice young chap down there stood in the pouring rain with me while we decided which pieces I needed!

Do you know Tullyally breakers ?

So if the extra black is just an earth, what should I do with it ?


The extra earth shouldn't be needed as the bulb holders are earthed in the new loom, so I'd say just forget about it. Are you cutting the car's loom and gonna join the wires end to end, or just gonna splice/scotch-lock into it?


Have used Tullyally a good few times aye, they're just useless over the phone and of course haven't embraced online tecnology yet. It's half an hour away for me, so would rather check if they have somethin in the yard before travellin..."should do aye, you'll need to come down and look yourself just"


I like heading in myself and being left to it, they don't normally like cutting looms and plugs though, I remember taking a rear interior light out of a Focus to put in my old Mondeo, never let on I wanted the plugs and a length of wire to go with it though, so only mentioned it when I was back at the desk to pay. Deed was done at that stage so they didn't give off too much...I just pleaded ignorance. Have got wee bits and pieces too before that they didn't even charge for, "just throw whatever you think they're worth in the box". If you're in again, keep an eye out for any Mondeo STs for me!

In Topic: Rs Led Rear Lights In Prefacelift Focus

18 November 2014 - 08:04 PM

Your plan sounds spot on to me. I know what you're sayin...it's one thing havin somethin clear in your own head, tryin to explain it in writing can be another story!


The extra black wire I believe is just an earth anyway...


If you look at your exisitng wiring, in the two separate plugs there's a total of five wires...3 going to the stop/tail bulb (2 lives, one for each filament, and a shared earth) and 2 to the indicator (a live and an earth). This is where my notes from my upgrade would have come in handy with the wiring colours!


Then, if you look at the Mk2.5 loom, where the wiring is merged before the plug, you can see a black wire joining the two bulb holders, this is their shared/common earth, rather than having a separate one each, so I think your plan should work spot on.


Sorry I must have missed your earlier post where you said you'd got hold of a plug from a breakers...is it Tullyally you use?

In Topic: Rs Led Rear Lights In Prefacelift Focus

18 November 2014 - 01:17 PM

I think the 'plugs' he's referring to on the pre-facelift lights are the ones that go directly into the bulb holders...one for the brake/tail bulb and one for the indicator. Isn't that right?


Then, on the facelift standard lights, the wiring from the two bulb holders merges into a single grey plug. And I think (from the pics in Lenny's guide) it's the same for the RS lights, but with the addition of an extra few wires for the LEDs. http://www.fordowner...its-focus-mk25/


I suppose the options now for you are either;


Cut the grey plug off your new lights, and then the black plugs off your existing pre-facelift loom and rejoin the appropriate wires.


Cut the grey plug off your new lights and re-fit two new plugs to fit the black plugs of your existing loom (like the second in my first post)


Or else maybe try get the other end of the grey plug and a bit of wire off a facelift breaker and do the re-wiring on that side of the loom to save having to cut the grey plug off the new lights?