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In Topic: Mk3 Powerfold Mirror Problems.

12 April 2014 - 05:45 PM

Ah jeez, that sounds like a bad job! Why?! They should have been a direct fit...ah hang on, I'm just realising that there were full leathers fitted before, so this is when the butchering was done...


With a set of donor plugs it should be no problem, just wiring up the matching coloured wires like for like. What sort of heated seat switch have you got fitted at the minute then, just the pre-facelift on-off one? If so then there will unfortunately have been a bit of butchering to wiring behind this too probably unfortunately...


The seats you have at the minute should have been a direct plug and play, with the dash loom and floor looms all in place. I did this on my old ZS, fitted the same heated/cooled interior from an 07 TitX, then just fitted the relay and the variable heated/cooled switch (complete with the proper little mounting bracket ring!) and hey presto as all the required plugs and wiring looms were already in place.

In Topic: Mk3 Powerfold Mirror Problems.

12 April 2014 - 05:09 PM

Pretty sure that's the one for heated seats mate. Have you not got yours wired up? I think from your build thread that you have the half leather/alcantara heated/cooled seats from a Titanium so I assumed you had them fully working?

In Topic: Mk3 Powerfold Mirror Problems.

11 April 2014 - 11:35 AM

That's good to hear mate, glad all is working well!


I just followed the wiki guide for the key fob function and it was really straightforward. I tried to leave as much in situ as possible, as I've a bad knack for breaking plastic retaining clips, so it was a bit fiddly trying to get access for scothclocking the wires from the new relay to the respective wires on the GEM and existing powerfold relay, but apart from that, dead easy.


I attached the 4 wires to the relay terminals on the bench in the shed first, just to minimise the faffing about in the footwell!


The only thing I did differently then from the guide was the earthing point...there's a bolt on the right hand side and I just fitted the ring terminal over this and screwed a little 10mm nut over it to secure it in place, rather than drill into the metal support bar that runs across behind the dash.


Sure just give us a shout if you've any probs or questions when you get round to it!

In Topic: Mk3 Powerfold Mirror Problems.

11 April 2014 - 11:05 AM

Did you get this sorted yet mate?


I wired mine up last night to fold with the double-lock press on the key fob, works a treat! Great sense of satisfaction when a wee mod like that comes off, all for the grand total of £1.99 for an extra relay! :D

In Topic: Indicator In Wing Mirror

04 April 2014 - 08:04 AM

When you say 2.5 are you referring to the Mk (as in 08-11 facelift) or engine size? Clive's diagram above shows facelift Mk2.5, if it's a Mk2 pre-facelift (05-08) the cover should just pop off starting at the bottom, then the indicator lens pops out...only held in with a little flexible metal tab. Twist/pull the bullb holder, replace and refit.