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St Boost Gauge Pod - Fitting Query

24 September 2013 - 11:28 AM

Guys, having a Titanium I have the storage compartment on the top of the dash, but the clip on the lid has broken and it won't stay shut on it's own. I currently place a thin piece of paper like a receipt over the the latch before shutting the lid and this seems to hold it, but it can still pop open if I hit a bump or something.


Having read up on it I think it's a 'common fault' (aren't they all?!) and rather than replace like for like for the possibility of it happening again, I'm thinkin of fitting the ST gauge pod. This will initially be just for aesthetics, with possibly wiring in aftermarket gauges down the line as per Lenny and a few others before and after him have done.


My main question is this...as I have the dash pocket, I'm assuming I have no cutting to do, BUT can the pod bit be swapped out for the pocket and use the rest of the existing trim, or will I need the complete trim piece that sweeps up over the top of the instrument cluster as well?


Reason I ask is a lot of the pods that come up for sale don't seem to come with this piece, so I'd like to confirm if I actually need it before I go looking for it!


Cheers in advance for any info!



Pic/good Description Request - Mk2 2.0 Tdci Common Rail Plug

11 June 2013 - 04:08 PM

Guys, need a bit of help here...


I recently bought a tuning box online, seller claims it was removed from a Focus the same as mine. I tried plugging it in but got an 'Engine Sytems Fault' warning message on the LCD panel in the cluster.


I'm pretty sure from the trial fit that it's either not working or it isn't suitable for my car, but just want to check that it wasn't a blonde moment and that I was installing it correctly.


If anyone has a pic of the 2.0 TDCi engine bay and could identify the plug I need to fit it too it would be much appreciated for clarification.


Just want to make sure before I take action to seek a refund as he's adamant it worked on his car before removal. I've contacted the manufacturer, but as I feared they've been pretty vague in their responses...understandable really as I'm asking advice on an item I didn't buy directly through them.


Anyway, a pic or exact location description would be great if anyone could help.

Upgraded Intercooler - Advice Needed

22 May 2013 - 09:38 PM

Guys I'm looking some advice on upgrading the intercooler on my 2.0TDCi.


Ideally I was after an ST upgrade one, like Airtec or Code Red etc, but don't have the green at the minute and have been offered a JDM one pretty cheap (I think!), so thinking it's worth a try.


I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it'll fit interms of dimensions etc. The seller has told me it's approx 700mm x 300mm x 75mm and has 3inch inlet/outlet pipes, so I'm assuming, with pic as well, that it's the one in the link below.




Does anybody have any opinions on it, any advice on the size in terms of fitting (I have an ST front bumper if that makes a difference in terms of clearance), and if it's possible to get adapter tubes/hoses to join the 2inch standard pipes to the 3inch upgrade inlet/outlet?


Pretty green on this so any help would be much appreciated.