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St Boost Gauge Pod - Fitting Query

24 September 2013 - 11:28 AM

Guys, having a Titanium I have the storage compartment on the top of the dash, but the clip on the lid has broken and it won't stay shut on it's own. I currently place a thin piece of paper like a receipt over the the latch before shutting the lid and this seems to hold it, but it can still pop open if I hit a bump or something.


Having read up on it I think it's a 'common fault' (aren't they all?!) and rather than replace like for like for the possibility of it happening again, I'm thinkin of fitting the ST gauge pod. This will initially be just for aesthetics, with possibly wiring in aftermarket gauges down the line as per Lenny and a few others before and after him have done.


My main question is this...as I have the dash pocket, I'm assuming I have no cutting to do, BUT can the pod bit be swapped out for the pocket and use the rest of the existing trim, or will I need the complete trim piece that sweeps up over the top of the instrument cluster as well?


Reason I ask is a lot of the pods that come up for sale don't seem to come with this piece, so I'd like to confirm if I actually need it before I go looking for it!


Cheers in advance for any info!



Pic/good Description Request - Mk2 2.0 Tdci Common Rail Plug

11 June 2013 - 04:08 PM

Guys, need a bit of help here...


I recently bought a tuning box online, seller claims it was removed from a Focus the same as mine. I tried plugging it in but got an 'Engine Sytems Fault' warning message on the LCD panel in the cluster.


I'm pretty sure from the trial fit that it's either not working or it isn't suitable for my car, but just want to check that it wasn't a blonde moment and that I was installing it correctly.


If anyone has a pic of the 2.0 TDCi engine bay and could identify the plug I need to fit it too it would be much appreciated for clarification.


Just want to make sure before I take action to seek a refund as he's adamant it worked on his car before removal. I've contacted the manufacturer, but as I feared they've been pretty vague in their responses...understandable really as I'm asking advice on an item I didn't buy directly through them.


Anyway, a pic or exact location description would be great if anyone could help.

Upgraded Intercooler - Advice Needed

22 May 2013 - 09:38 PM

Guys I'm looking some advice on upgrading the intercooler on my 2.0TDCi.


Ideally I was after an ST upgrade one, like Airtec or Code Red etc, but don't have the green at the minute and have been offered a JDM one pretty cheap (I think!), so thinking it's worth a try.


I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it'll fit interms of dimensions etc. The seller has told me it's approx 700mm x 300mm x 75mm and has 3inch inlet/outlet pipes, so I'm assuming, with pic as well, that it's the one in the link below.




Does anybody have any opinions on it, any advice on the size in terms of fitting (I have an ST front bumper if that makes a difference in terms of clearance), and if it's possible to get adapter tubes/hoses to join the 2inch standard pipes to the 3inch upgrade inlet/outlet?


Pretty green on this so any help would be much appreciated.

Instrument Cluster Advice For Potential Mod...

15 May 2013 - 12:22 PM

Guys I've always thought the standard clocks on my 55 plate TDCi are...well, pretty standard, so would like to do something with them. Put lockwoods in my old Mondeo and loved them, but can't seem to get a white set for the Mk2 Focus diesel. I made enquiries before to a seller but heard nothing back, so put that idea to bed.


Also, ST clocks would be no good obviously, and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle/uncertainty of fitting facelift clocks.


So, stealing inspiration from a build thread on another forum, I was thinking of picking up a set of facelift clocks and taking them apart to strip the silver surround out of them, and inserting these to my standard clocks.


Has anyone done this or know if it's much hassle?

Jean Genie - Focus "stdci"

14 May 2013 - 02:09 PM

Well guys, you may have seen recent pics of my car, but thought it time to try and pull together a progress report in some sort of chronological order, so here goes! I'm struggling to remember all the mods and the order I did them in, and don't have photos of each I'm sure, but will give it a blast!


October 2011 I decided to sell my beloved 53 plate Mondeo Zetec S 130 2.0TDCi after 2 and a half years and 60k miles enjoyable ownership. Many pennies and many more hours were spent on it, and it truly was a sad day to see it go (my boy was literally in tears!). My favourite mods on it were probably all the DIY OEM extra interior lighting, Lockwood dials, and of course Eibachs. Oh, and ST style lower mesh grille was a satisfying one as well! Oh, and heated/cooled leather/alcantara interior...the list could go on really!


Attached File  driveway_small.JPG   29.21KB   107 downloads


Anyway, I decided to bid farewell to the Mondeo as it had served me well and I seen this little Focus come up at a bargain price.


55 Plate Mk2 pre-facelift Ford Focus, 2.0TDCi 136, 3dr Titanium in Jeans Blue, great standard spec, and lowered and with aftermarket 18s on her. Here's how she stood shortly after purchase...


Attached File  Focus.JPG   118.2KB   124 downloads


I had long-shot ambitions of putting an ST kit on it one day, as I love the ST looks (and hate the standard black plastic bumper inserts and valances!), but doing around 30k miles a year, 20-something MPG aint an option! I started looking at parts prices and quickly realised an ST kit may be ambitious, but decided to do what I could and see where it took me.


First mods were done as soon as I bought it - converting all interior lights, boot lights, no plate lights and sidelights to LEDs removed from the Mondeo. Also installed the cheap xenon-effect bulbs I had, which worked great in the Mondeo lamps with a nice white light, but these came out after a couple of days as the output was really poor from the adaptive projectors.


Also installed my Parrot CK3100 which I removed from the Mondeo, straight swap with the same quadlock connector and SOT-092S loom.


Attached File  photo0342.jpg   44.59KB   122 downloads


I then came across this forum as the one I'd used in my Mondeo days was dead on the Focus side...and then the fun began!


Fancied the wing mirror indicator upgrade, and after seeing how easy it was in a guide I set about sourcing parts. Gathered up two different colour covers and two indicator units, along with a sheet of carbon 3M wrap and some speaker wire for under £20 and got to work...Silver indicator bulbs all round were also ordered and fitted.


Attached File  photo0375.jpg   87.36KB   115 downloads


I was already desperately hunting ST parts at this stage, and managed to source a rear bumper and these genuine Ford/Ronal wheels locally for bargain prices. Wanted to store the bumper til all parts were sourced and could go on at once, but the wheels were fitted straight away...


Attached File  IMG_0197.jpg   167.62KB   102 downloads


Attached File  IMG_0196.jpg   68.16KB   107 downloads


Have since replaced the tatty centre caps with blue gen Ford ones, ties in nice with the body colour and my painted calipers. Also continued to gather up grilles and surrounds and whatever ST bargains I could find, including side skirts off the bay.


Got my gen Ford LHD rear reverse light around this time also from the bay for £7!


Spoiler was proving hard to source, so I picked up an MS Design one in my colour, even that was a huge improvement from standard.


My next ST find was a set of genuine ST-3 black bi-xenon headlights, given to me from a guy who'd sold his Focus so had no use for them. He had fitted a HID kit, but I removed this and tidied the wires back up and re-fitted the original bulbs and ballasts that were also supplied...


Attached File  Xenon_small.JPG   45.46KB   105 downloads


Attached File  Photo0703.jpg   83.73KB   101 downloads


Then came a few subtle but common interior mods which I feel make a huge difference...heater controls and pedal covers...


Attached File  IMG_0345.jpg   148.06KB   105 downloads


Attached File  IMG_0348_small.JPG   78.4KB   102 downloads


Attached File  IMG_0300_small.JPG   72.76KB   104 downloads


Few extras in the boot were also added with a bit of help from Lenny and his guides on here...second boot light, but I went for a couple of SMD LED pads like Charlie, and also wired in an additional 12V supply. This was a bit more of a faff than normal as I didn't have the extra 12V live plug wired in, but tapped into the front easy enough. Two simple but satisfying mods, highly recommended!


Attached File  Photo0566.jpg   127.93KB   116 downloads


Was running out of patience at this stage in my quest for the ST kit, then had a reply to wanted ad I placed online for a complete front bumper at a great price, so had to go for it! Also managed to source an RS spoiler as an alternative to an ST one, as it would save me respray costs. Seller just wanted a standard one in return and a few quid so worked out well! Here's a few pics of the kit finally all gathered up and being sent for paint!


Attached File  Photo0513.jpg   111.99KB   113 downloads


Attached File  Photo0667.jpg   139.82KB   107 downloads


Attached File  Photo0672.jpg   121.82KB   116 downloads


Dropped the kit off to the bodyshop, then a week later dropped the car off for fitting along with some fresh number plates, mudflaps and a new tailgate handle (that wouldn't leak and corrode my bulbs!), then a week after that I collected it, looking like this...


Attached File  P1010045_2.JPG   58.21KB   136 downloads


Attached File  P1010046_2.JPG   56.8KB   132 downloads


Attached File  P1010048.JPG   74.66KB   121 downloads


Attached File  P1010050_2.JPG   77.26KB   125 downloads


Then, after some hmm-ing and ha-ing, fitted the RS spoiler...


Attached File  P1010056.JPG   59.07KB   126 downloads


Attached File  P1010058_2.JPG   80.4KB   120 downloads


Attached File  P1010059.JPG   59.93KB   113 downloads


Another dilemma was badging, as I had initially planned to keep 'ST' off it altogether, but haven't come up with a solution yet for the wing badges, so ordered up some carbon inlays from DMB as I think it'll blend better than the red lettering and carbon/chrome overlays as well. After all, the badges can always come off again! So have de-badged the Focus Titanium off the rear, and fitted ST wing badges, front grille badge, and still have rear tailgate and overlays to fit. Along with possibly a TDCi badge with the red 'Ci' carbon'd as well...


Attached File  Photo0721.jpg   108.71KB   90 downloads


Attached File  Photo0695.jpg   98.15KB   82 downloads


Sourced a Mk2 ashtray complete with lighter from ebay and fitted straight away. Also fitted the lighter surround ring with an LED 286 bulb which gives a nice glow at night.


I have fitted a few CREEs now, 6000K reverse, sidelight and foglights and love them!


Remaining mods now are getting an exhaust sorted to fill the bumper cut-outs, so ordered a pair of 4inch slash-cuts from MIJ Exhausts through ebay and my mechanic is gonna knock up the pipework.


Wheels are in dire need of a refurb, so need to pick a colour for that (possibly black to tie in with spoiler, front centre lip and rear diffuser), next month hopefully.


Gonna order a set of blinds for the rear tint look, and I'm currently in the middle of an upgrade to the facelift rear lights...literally, in the middle of it - I did the passenger side last night in the dark because I'm impatient, but when the skies opened at about 11pm, I called it a night! Had to come to work today with car looking like this, but will get it sorted as soon as I get home this evening. Full guide will follow soon... hopefully!


Attached File  P1010078_2.JPG   57.73KB   80 downloads


Think that's about it for now! Has come quite a way in the 18months or so that I've been driving it, and have done just under 50k in that time with regular services and no serious bother.


I'm sure there are small mods I've left out and probably got some of them !Removed! about face, and my pics aren't great and are missing in a few instances, but it'll do the job!


Hopefully I'll be able to keep this updated in one place from now on with the future upgrades...and once it finally looks the part, I might start looking into giving it a bit more oomph then as well, with an upgraded intercooler and remap.


Comments welcome...as long as they're nice! ;)


Thanks for looking!