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Ford Audio Cable

08 March 2012 - 11:23 AM

Hi just wanted to ask before i book car into ford... do you need a specific audio cable to work the USB feature in a 60plate focus???
i have a ipod and it has a feature on the cd player to play my ipod through the usb, when i plug it in it just makes a noise no music gets played yet the player thinks its playing... (if that makes sense) it charges the ipod but doesnt play songs :S

any idea if its a fault with the USB or the fact i need to purchase a cable from ford ?? the aux cable works fine but wanted the other feature to work.
any advise be good please


How Do I Program My Focus To Lock The Doors Automatically?

20 February 2012 - 12:13 PM

hi im new here so hi :)
hoping one of you can help as rang a ford dealer and they seem to not have a clue... or arnold clark trying to take my car off me for the day..

i have a ford focus titanium 60 plate (push start button)
i want the doors to autolock when i drive off instead of pressing it myself.. i know a few of yous want it turned off so hoping someone has managed to do it on a 2010 car. Seen some posts for 2006 models and tried that but doesnt seem to work. Has anyone got the code to do for the 2010 model or is it a thing for the diagnostics?

let me know please thanks :)