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New Fusion Owner ....a Few Questions!

22 February 2012 - 01:20 PM

Hi Guys

New to the site, as I bought my first Fusion City 1.4 yesterday.

There seems to be a few issues which I cannot find the information for within the handbook and wondered if anyone could provide the answers.

1) There are reverse sensors on the car, however do not apparently work. I have checked the manual (no technical reference) and no reference to fuse (not fuse box) location. Does anyone have any knowledge of how I can diagnose the fault?

2) I have the squeal when accelerating through gears 1-3 which I suspect is the Serpentine Belt requiring replacement. I'm ok with the replacement element, but the actual location looks tight and problematic. Has anyone done this themselves and does it indeed cure the "squeal"

3) Is there anyway to adjust the instrument lights....lights are quite dim

4) The car is slightly high mileage, 103k but is well serviced and maintained and is nice and tight. Is there anything mileage/age related that I should be watchful for?

5) Any good sites for spares and such that can be recommended?

Many thanks for your help in advance.