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In Topic: Resetting Thermometer?

24 February 2013 - 06:07 PM

nope,it's deffo wrong, sensor on the side of the house shows 1.8c, car thinks it's 6. the other night it was 0 by all accounts, car showed 4.
several cold mornings recently its showed 4-6 c while others come in 4c lower, it's a little annoying, but knowing when the temps dropped is an important feature, as there's several ice spots on my drive into work.

In Topic: Understeer Problem

28 January 2013 - 08:07 PM

it's having a difference of tread thats the problem, and given my difference in tyre, the quality of the compound, so the cheapies will stay on the front till their more like 2.5-3mm

see if Vicki can sway you in a FWD

i've only ever know this advice, and i don't know why, given a large difference in grip levels, you'd want the worse at the back
rotating to keep them the same is different

In Topic: Understeer Problem

28 January 2013 - 07:35 PM

ha, ok, it's a woman ;) , and her trousers are all kinds of wrong, but shes got a point

In Topic: Understeer Problem

28 January 2013 - 07:17 PM

I think you drive / corner faster than most drivers on the road, and have a "feel" for your car that, many drivers, do not have, most drivers do not find/ explore the limits of their cars handling, you owe it to yourself to invest in decent rubber, (the Michelin is an "eco" tyre, ive never heard of the other ones )

you're probably right, i'd say i'm a very average driver, i have no extra level of car control or skill ( unless i can translate what my right thumb can do with a RC car to full size on a track ), but i can sense what a cars doing i guess more so than other normal people i know, they think i'm mad when i talk about how it feels, and there they are with 19psi in the tyres and the only comment when i put it right is, umm the steering's lighter.
you mention over/understeer, cornering balance, turn in ect they think you're talking BS, or drive like a t**t, which i guess as they pootle along ( admiring the end of their bonnet ) i must seem.
even a garage can't take handling comments seriously to find a cracked antiroll bar link.

don't know where the primacy sits in the range, after reading reviews for focus/tyre combos i wanted eagle f1's? which were only about 15 quid each dearer, but they didn't have on stock, and give the normal, they know best, bs that these are fine unless you want to do trackdays.

front or rear?? from the fat bloke himself

The AA also agree:

New tyres to the front or rear?

Check the handbook first as some give vehicle specific advice.

Generally it's good practice to fit the best/newest tyres on the rear – in wet conditions, this favours understeer rather than oversteer.

So if you have the front tyres renewed it's best to have the rear ones moved to the front and the new tyres fitted to the rear.

Tyres with deep tread are less likely to puncture and it's more difficult to control a car with a damaged rear tyre.

In Topic: Understeer Problem

28 January 2013 - 06:28 PM

some great answers there and you've all got a piece of what i think is the answer.

at the weekend i broke out the trolly jack to swap tyres around, but i thought before that i'd just double check the pressures again.
reason thinking, it was fairly cold when i did them, and i put a little much in then
now it was 14c outside the fronts were 32.5 and the rear 35.5
so that explains alot!
whats weird, in my experience of other cars pressures, is the lower pressure has made the steering lighter and more responsive, pretty much how i remember it being the first few drives, it's lacking a little feel, but thats probably cold winter driving as mentioned above lowering grip.

2nd, the scary roundabout was only 1.5 miles from work, again it was cold, and there's no heavy braking really to get the temps up, by the time i got home it was better, but i had that me as me treating it like crystal glass.

tyre depths were taken from a service end of last year, i checked them with a borrowed, and somewhat crusty depth gauge at the weekend, actual depth was 4mm, not accurate enough to tell if it was different across the tyre because it was too stiff.
a new gauge and pen style pressure reader are in the post.

i've only ever heard your best rubber should be on the back in a FWD car, you'll loose traction at the front first and know to back out before the rear tries to overtake, and as a side, it wears out the old rubber first.
my intention is to wear out the budgets first, but i could try swapping again, see if the michelins are better now the tracking's sorted, as said, i hated the feeling before.
these tyres were nearly new when i got the car, and they needed replacing after about 7k on the front, so these i have now should be ready to swap over in the summer so long as i leave them on the front, they have too much tread and my wallet too little money to just bin them for a new set right now.
and i'd rather not have the grip difference the other way around, esp when it's cold and the rears would be slippy

to be honest when reading about correct pressures, primacys were mentioned as the ford test drivers choice, but that was on a diesel and they were comparing what tyre makes need what pressures.

so, the next issue i need to sort is this knock.
i don't know if i had it before the kerbing
but every time you turn right from any position you get a click/knock, it's not very serious but it's there, it's passed an MOT with no notification. it's been checked and was told it's maybe the pinion rounded off?? you can feel it on the track rods as a vibration, left side more than right.
with the car jacked up and someone holding the wheel you can't feel it rocking the right wheel, but can just about feel it if pushing with arms and knees on the left.
couldn't get my head up far enough with the wheels on the floor to see if the rod ends were moving at the power steering unit.
don't think it'd be enough to change the steering angles during driving but you never know.

any ideas??