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12V To Tailgate, Best Route?

05 March 2015 - 10:15 PM

I want to put a light in the inside of the tailgate near the latch to light the boot and ground with the boot open, despite 2 LED panels inside the boot it's not enough to do what I want.

I've not found an easy way to get cables up there, wiggling round the screen, to the rubber boots.

Any one found a way??




Whiring Noise, Cv Joints??

15 December 2014 - 01:37 PM

Now the handling after that clutch change is coming back good it's onto the next new issue the swap has caused.

I've got a whiring noise coming from the front.

It's dependent on road speed not revs and also happens when coasting.

it's quite loud and annoying, and at motorway speeds turns into a drone.

I can make it momentarly stop by swapping the engine from driving to braking with a touch or reduction in throttle.


I'm assuming, given that last bit, i've got sloppy CV joints on the drive shafts?

I know the shafts would of been popped out for the clutch change, and if they were bad I may have been told :huh:


Sound about right??

Lost Confidence In Handling After Clutch Change ( 2007 1.6 )

29 October 2014 - 09:53 PM

The fingers on my clutch gave out the other week, the local ford dealer were the only ones that could do it quickly ( and more or less the same prices as others quoting a week before they do it anyway )


Clutch and slave changed.


The clutch feels lighter which was expected, maybe not that light, but it's sorted at least.

Whats really odd is the steering feels much lighter too, the feedback from the road and feeling of grip has gone.

I had brand new Dunlops fitted the week before and the feeling compaired my old worn michelins ( on the legal limit ) was great, i love these sport response, more grip in the wet than i had in the dry before.

That feeling from the tyres has gone, in the dry it feels worse than the worn tyres in damp.

On faster constant radius bends ( large roundabouts and slip roads ) it feels unsettled and scrabbley at the front.

The confidence to push on and enjoy B roads has gone

Before the clutch change these tyres didn't understand the concept of understeer and the front end felt confident and planted with good feedback and quick response.

The difference on the feel of the car is even more noticable when going from the work vehicles during the day to the car for the drive home, this is much more pronounced than before.


So, do the clutch and steering share the same fluid? could it be this has been changed for a lighter one?

How much of the suspention of any is removed for fitting? could the tracking have been changed?


Tyre pressures have been checked and are correct.