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Resetting Thermometer?

24 February 2013 - 04:06 PM

i've tried this below advice, and so far in various combos of turning the key and pushing/turning the buttons all i've managed to do is reset miles, change temp to Fahrenheit, enter the diagnostics mode and finally the settings screen, which doesn't include temp adjustment

mines around 4c too high i reckon, not sure when this happened as it used to be fairly accurate with weather reports and my own temp sensor in the house.

You can adjust it + and - 3 degrees. Its a similar procedure to resetting the amber maintenance light. Instead of pushing both SELECT and RESET buttons before you turn the key on (to reset the light), turn the key on and then push and hold both bottons. You can then manipulate the temp display plus and minus 3 degrees.

Cheers, Phil.

Understeer Problem

25 January 2013 - 09:45 PM

Just had 4 wheel alignment done to sort a vague feel to the steering and reduce understeer ( looking back on it fairly well balanced understeer ) on tight turns in the damp ( not wet ), roundabouts and things
this was caused by a hard hit on a kerb trying to avoid a car coming the other way a year ago.
it was crisp, responsive and well mannered before that. I had a garage check it out afterwards, but they said it was all fine, it braked and tracked ok too.
after driving an identical focus last week i knew mine wasn't fine, infact it drove like my old 97 astra!

anywhos, with it done the car felt a little better at first coming out of town, but when doing A roads at A road speeds in the damp i've got a car that jinks and feels nervous with ruts and imperfections in the road, can feel that through the seat rather than steering.
Steering is less vague but now where on a roundabout i might have of just had understeer i could hold and live with the car now just gives up and plows straight on, that was scary first time thinking it'd be better not worse!

full acceleration in 3rd from a roundabout onto a dual carriage way with a slight left bend in this mornings damp had it understeering into the outer lane all on it's own with hardly any lock on from me, 20-30 degrees maybe
i've never had it do that before

i'm totally lost as to why apparently the ideal settings have made my car unsafe at anything above boring speeds
driving sensibly is one thing, but theres those corners that catch you out, and you always just trust the car will sort it out.
now i think it'll just try mating the hedge and thats making me drive very nervously just making things worse.

1.6 petrol hatch
fronts, something called a focus 2000, used to have them all round and grip was pretty good, 31.5psi 5mm tread, no uneven wear.
rear michelin primacy, 33.5psi 6mm tread no uneven wear
mileage 53k

heres the alignment sheets.
cheers, phil.

What To Stick In The Spare Single Din Slot?

29 February 2012 - 11:16 PM

After doing the double to single mod i've currently got the cheap nasty open pocket that came with it in.
I was huting for a nice flapped or retract pocket of some kind, but the cup holder ones on Ebay look nasty, the drawer only version was out of stock.
I got one for an MR5 but the front is a bit too small, the DIN cage shows around the edge, and i can't find a surround thin enough to fit.
You can get one for a Scooby, but after the MR5 one i'm loathed to get another that won't fit.
BMW ones are only for sunglases, and are tiny

I pondered something a bit fancier, my only clock is on the radio, and that stops me viewing the other MP3/RDS info.

if i wanted simple, i can get a DIN blank, cut it, and fit this flush inside

This is a bit more work, it's too big to fit, but remove the case the LCD should fit in the blank ( if not remove the LCD from the board, then rewire to put the function buttons in the front


DIN sized clocks... stuck in the 80's

Any other suggestions of things that'll fit in the DIN??
Nothing Kevvy, or that would be found in the chav section of halfords
yep, the ebay links suggest i want it cheap, so 700 quid double radio units that do everything are out of the question :rolleyes:


Been Lurking

29 February 2012 - 07:20 PM

Hi guys
Got meself a mk2 a month ago after the old Astra went pop.
Thanks to the info here i've already sorted the leaking washers ( heated ones ready to fit and wire in soon ) added mudflaps, rear parking sensors, single din stereo, boot 12v supply and just adding more boot lights with some 24smd led pannels, one each side and one in the tail to shine down.

Next up is the ST's smoker pack's dash pcoket ( for hidden storage, not !Removed! :D ) wire in the heated washers with hopefully a heated front screen switch found from who knows where and front fogs.
Don't want to look a kev driving about with them on, but blank plastic looks dull.
I'd also fancy doing the dual reversing/fog light mod at some time.

Cheers, Phil